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Doctor Adventures presents: Ice La Fox in some hard needed Deep Throat Treatment

Scene Title: Deep Throat Treatment

Storyline: Miss. Fox, a jazz trumpet player, is in to see Dr. Dera because she has been having trouble blowing lately. Dr. Dera runs a series of tests on this sexy fox and concludes she needs a little deep throat treatment to open her airway. Forget those old medical instruments, Dr. Dera decides his cock down her throat will feel better...for her of course. He decides to fuck the shit out of her and had her screaming down his office to make sure her lungs were fine. He blew his load and she blew her trumpet, everyone is happy.

Doctor: Ice La Fox

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What people are saying about: Ice La Fox - Deep Throat Treatment doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I liked the story, but the sex fell flat; didn't feel any chemistry at all with these 2. Also, the camera work here was really shoddy - when Ice was half-bent over the examination table it totally was a frontal shot of her face; absolutely no view of her once phat, now fat ass. Also when she was in cowgirl in the chair, it was a total closeup of the dick & vag like some 80's porn. I want to see the whole female. I liked the 8 dozen positions they did, but I think it was due to the fact there wasn't much chemistry between them. This is another scene where Dera reverted back to his loudmouth caveman ways, and it got on my nerves. Dude has to stfu and realize it's about the girl, not him. I've always been a fan Ice and her performances, but she really needs to lose weight & tone up; some parts of this scene were not fun to look at if u know what I'm sayin. BTW, always been a fan of the male doctors at times for this doctor adventures site, keep that up

Comment #2

Been around, had a few female docotors that I would have enjoyed examinng. What beautiful set of tits and nipples taht won't stop make this along with Ice's fantastice ass makes this a keeper. Hot, number fucking 10!.

Comment #3

Brazz, I don't care about the face or tit's, I care about the body, and you finally did it right, the reality was right, Eat Sex on her back, and the rest to follow, I mean this is a reality site, it is the STORY, that matters not just show up with no reason, and start, life don't work that way, and please keep it one on one, there is no woman alive will get in a car with 2 men and one with the stupid camera asking dumb question, you all know we have to work at it, yes no yes no, and hope for the best, this site is the best because of the STORY LINES, and our Fantsaty, because you ask what we like, I been here 2 years and don't change nothing, except the 60 odd pages you have in the pictures section, 25 should be the max. Keep up the good work.

Comment #4

Ice wanted to prove to everyone that she is still a soulja with her sexy outfit on. That's why it was up to the Major Stud to complete this mission. The story wasn't too bad. Ice has a flawless face to me. The good thing about her boobjob is that it matches her thickness now. As hot as the sex could of been, I think they lacked in chemistry. They were all over the map. It was like they had no good place to fuck. On the table, in the chair, back to the table, now on the desk, and back to the table again. I thought how she would place that big ass in the air that it would look sexy as fuck. Charles couldn't keep his dick in or he had trouble finding the angle that looked good to him. It wasn't all bad and it wasn't all good either. Snoogans!

Comment #5

How can you call this scene deepthroat treatment when there is no deepthroat, and it is actually some of the worst head i have ever seen Ice give, and its sad cause she is 1 of my favorites.

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