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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Kaylee fucking her patient hard

Scene Title: Pressure Tactics

Storyline: Nurse Kaylee is a dealing with a patient who is a nervous wreck! The patient is panicking like crazy and with no doctor around she is forced to think on her feet or rather ly on her back to calm the patient down!The young nurse definitely needs a promotion for delivering such a intense, steamy scene!

Doctor: Kaylee Lovecox

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What people are saying about: Kaylee Lovecox - Pressure Tactics doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

god i love those stockings...i imagine myself creaming over them

Comment #2

she took advantage of him good, i like her attitude

Comment #3

The girl is nice but could there be a different male performer. i mean this guy has been in a lot of the scenes on this site.

Comment #4

love this woman-girl next door looking-loved those white nylons.

Comment #5

jordan still cant come. he has a mental block,when he does these beautiful women.loved kaylees performance.she needs to lose the dress. stockings were great touch.

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