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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Marie gives her patient a treat he will never forget

Scene Title: Boner killer

Storyline: Cheyne shows up at Dr. Marie's office with a massive boner. It seems that his friends played a practical joke on him the night before, putting viagra in one of his drinks. Luckily for him, Dr. Marie is an expert in this kind of situations and she has the perfect treatment for his problem...

Doctor: Phoenix Marie

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What people are saying about: Phoenix Marie - Boner killer doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Phoenix Marie has made me her #1 fan. I cannot get enough of her! That tittie fucking caused an overflow of cum in my balls to seep out and almost made me start launching cum missiles, wow! Great oufit and the hair up with glasses makes the fantasy much more real. I love the two-tone hair, something different. Phoenix, your face and body are perfect! Phoenix made him shoot a worthy cumshot!

Comment #2

Phoenix is awesome and a total ten. Phoenix, heels, garters & glasses, the perfect outfit. Yes, she could have played a bit more at the beginning, and the coat could have come off at some point, but does it matter as long as it's phoenix, in such a great outfit & scene? Can't wait for more Phoenix.

Comment #3

this girl is absolutely fucking hot, and her tits are amazing... but i cant say it anymore than i already do... cheynne is a horrible actor, continues his overacting problems, has a very average dick, and his look is so outdated with the spiked hair and earrings. besides since the scene involved having a boner, at least get a stud that has a huge rod so she can go to town on it. otherwise it looks dumb, and the storyline is that he got tricked into having a viagra? thats stupid... a guy should be hard based on his own hardon (even if its just storyline material), and he couldnt even get all the way hard so wtf? sorry but all this shit really bugs me.

Comment #4

I'm infatuated with this girl, everything about her is awesome to me. I think she can really make a name for herself throughout the industry. She looked exceptional here with the garter, hair tied back, and glasses. The only thing I didn't like is what I call the "skunk-coloring" (black & blonde stripes). The camerawork was excellent all around, except for the reverse cowgirl from behind (wtf was that about?). Phoenix Marie is the ridiculously rare star I will watch first when her scene comes out the same day as Lichelle. In terms of Doctor Adventures wardrobe in general - the labcoat can stay or go, doesn't matter to me as long as we can see the females' attributes, but I like when they leave SOMETHING on. But the stethescope...I say leave it on as long as possible, but when it falls off , let it fall! It makes the whole scenario more real than having the doctor fumbling and tugging at it the entire time. s

Comment #5

I really like Phoenix. This time she got screwed by being in a doctor coat the whole fucking time. That table was put in the wrong place. We missed out some cowgirl. However the reverse cowgirl was sweet. I liked her legs on the inside of his. I didn't like how she wore her hair either or those glasses. We need another scene with Phoenix soon. Snoogans! s

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