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Hi, I'm glad you landed here on my page dedicated to doctoradventures dot com. Here you will find free videos and picture galleries with all doctor scenes added so far on the official site. Add to that comments for each scene, testimonials from members who actually seen those scenes plus free links to all the brazzer episodes featuring the same pornstar. Enough said? I think yes, so sit back and enjoy I have prepared for you! Since I've listed 160+ free adventures scenes so far, take your time and enjoy them. Use the left navigation menu to find what you are looking for! Next we're gonna take a look on the latest updates from doctor adventures paysite and also have some fun!

Top Rated Doctors

Everywhere you look on the web there is a top for everything, top rated site, top rated model, top rated episode, top rated babes, top rated squirts, top rated downloads...I dunno, you name and I bet that there is a top for it! Well, lets play along and go with the masses and do my own custom top rated doctors. Kinda difficult job, there are over 200 + to choose from, but lets not panic, I have some infos to do it. Those are the number of views each doctor scene got along the years plus the ratings given by members plus the number of comments and number of searches. Its nice that brazzers keeps track of these things, ergo they've just made my job much easier. Alright, here it goes, the very best rated doctor adventures scenes in my humble opinion are:

Doctor Adventures Candy Manson

Candy Manson img

Dr. Manson seemed to be having a bad day when a guy walked into her office complaining about a headache he couldn't get rid of. She recommended a...[more]

Doctor Adventures Claire Dames

Claire Dames img

Nurse Dames was looking for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Slater, but he wasn't willing to give it up. But Claire worked extra hard for him...[more]

Doctor Adventures Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder img

Dr Ryder is having a really shitty day. Her husband is taking her to court for all of her money and she can' seem to get a break at the hospital!...[more]

Doctor Adventures Holly West

Holly West img

It's been two years since Charles' last check up. He claims to be as healthy as a horse but there's just one more test to be done. A prostate exa...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn img

Johnny has an appointment at the dentist with Dr Lynn, for a checkup and a cleaning. While looking at his teeth, Dr Lynn begins to complain about...[more]

Doctor Adventures Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn img

T.J. has got to get some sleep. He hasn't slept in months, but Dr. Lynn has just the cure. She prescribes a good old fashion fuck thinking it wil...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kylee Strutt

Kylee Strutt img

Mark keeps waking up with cock pains and he doesn't remember how he bruised his pecker... When he finds Dr. Strutt's card on his bedside table, he g...[more]

Doctor Adventures Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie img

Phoenix is a pharmaceutical dealer selling a new pill that is said to be the new unisex Viagra for couples. She comes to pitch and sell it to Dr....[more]

Doctor Adventures Rachel RoXXX

Rachel RoXXX img

Charles has been in the hospital for about 9 days now and unfortunately nobody knows what's wrong with him. Dr. Roxxx wanted to do some tests...[more]

Doctor Adventures Savannah Gold

Savannah Gold img

Dr. Savannah Gold's patient fractured his knee and even though he is starting to feel better he still asks for pain killers to ease his pain. Dr....[more]

Doctor Adventures Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee img

Nurse Lenee is thrilled to find out Derrick Pierce is her patient today. She tells him she is his biggest fan and tries to get some action from h...[more]

Random doctor adventures trailer

Ok, now that I have the top done, lets enjoy another thing that everybody likes...a random something. Probably it has something to do with thrill of finding something that you didn't think of, the surprise, the expectations...or whatever, I'm not a shrink to tell you what triggers those emotions...but hey, random something digs so lets do it too. Next you have a random video from doctoradventures. play it, watch it, jerk on it, click it for the full version or refresh page for another one and another one and another one...and got the idea. What you didn't got is that I have a hidden show you that no matter what video you're going to play, you're going to get some quality every time, thats because on brazzers sites quality matters....which brings me to my second hidden purpose...trying you to convince that doctor adventures is a membership worth having!