Abby Rode from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Rode fucking fighter to lose four pounds

Scene Title: Fuck it off

Storyline: Uh oh!!! Johnny is in a bit of a predicament. The doctor says he's 4 pounds over weight and he won't be ready for his big fight tonight. Abby has a solution. Fuck the weight off and end it all over Abby's face. This doctor might be right!

Doctor: Abby Rode

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What people are saying about: Abby Rode - Fuck it off doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Agree with Mikeh50 below. Camerawork is nonsense. And not having a closer look at Abby and her wonderful butt sitting on the dude and moving up and down is nonsense. As she take of the uniform, there is a short clip from the side and next the uniform is back on again and the cameraview is from the front. Brazz are crap sometime. Without any idea how to make wonderful ladies really hot and sexy. Instead they mostly go with the dull and boring solution.

Comment #2

what are you talking about,great camera work my ass,I don't know what you were seeing,but this herky jerky camera person needs to switch to decaf.I mean get real what is this idiot even doing in the buisness,ther would be a wide shot then a close shot,back and forth we go!Get the money shot(like underneath and up,or from the top looking down)and stay there for more than a second.My god man you move around like a homeless person.I mean this might be o.k. for some of you,but as long as you accept this crap,they'll keep bringing this crap,thats part of the reason I canceled.good riddens!

Comment #3

Very nice but the main thing that bothers me about this site is that, while aggressive women are nice sometimes, I like it the other way around. When a woman is walking around you with her ass and tits hanging out for the world to see- that’s a green light to make a move buddy!

Comment #4

I had no problem downloading this scene, however, Brazzer needs to fix the online streamiing. I can't watch any scenes online because all it does either pause or hick up. I have done everything tech support has told me to do and nothing helps. With that being said this was an OK scene for me. As hot as Johnny is with that body and cock I would really love to see him pound some pussay hard. He did some awesome titty sucking tho and that was great. As far as the men jacking themselves off if you wattch these secens the women do everything and get very little in return. I would really like them to hire a female director that produce some better scenes where both get enough pleasure.

Comment #5

Good scene, but I agree with the people saying Abby should have stroked his dick until he came. What's up with these scenes where the guys have to jerk themselves off? It is that hard for these ladies to suck and stroke their dicks until they came? Hopefully Brazzers does something about that, b/c it can definitely improve their scenes.

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