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Doctor Adventures presents: Adrenalynn smokes up and fucks like a champ

Scene Title: Marijuana Madness!!!

Storyline: Nurse Adrenalynn was looking for Dr. Nomar. She didn't expect to find him in the supply room, using the Hospital's supply of Medical Marijuana for his own leisure. Dr. Nomar saw that she was stressed and incited her to blaze a spliff and loosen up. What followed was some hot and high time hardcore sex between two high and horny doctors.

Doctor: Adrenalynn

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What people are saying about: Adrenalynn - Marijuana Madness!!! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Adrenalynn is the only reason I subscribed to this site. Please get more doctor adventures scenes from her quickly and I will be a lifetime member. She is the best fuck I have ever seen. The jerk off by her at the end was great. I would really love to see you get a guy that could unload a huge load on her face. The reverse cowgirl on the table and in the air were also awesome!

Comment #2

Who else toked up while they watched this? Trippy. By the way... absolutely loved the way they skipped "convention" and went straight from eating pussy to fucking. Sometimes the pussy is just too good to wait through a blow job. Absolutely HOT with those long legs in the air Adrenalynn. (Gotta say did get a little teased by seeing Hailey Young in the beginning... hope she went to film a scene down the hall.) Best scene in a hot minute!!! 10/10. Toke up and enjoy.

Comment #3

Great overall production - The L, script, setup, blurry camera - everything was done perfectly. I can see how everyone is all about this girl. I normally HATE ridiculous ink on the girls, but Braz nailed 2 in a row where it works for them with Ricki Raxxx and Adrenalynn. She's crazy hot and I can see why Ramon couldn't keep away from that ass. Great grinding on the reverse cowgirl. Really surprising $$ shot from Ramon with the firehose load, but I STILL have no idea what he's mumbling about. Next time do a scenewhere the talent has their faces buried in a mound of blow before they fuck. Say werd.

Comment #4

Dude a tattoo around her asshole and three tongue piercings. This chick must really did pain. She is smokin hot though. A really great scene even if you can't understand a damn thing the guy says. It needs more blowjob action bigtime. We've gott see more of this chick though. She's amazing.

Comment #5

Wow, this is her debut? She's smoking hot, and takes charge. Man, it's hot when she tells him to kiss her ass (well sort of...). She got a bod , and it flexes superbly. The doctor adventures scene itself....rather boring, but little Adrenaline kept me awake. Fake boobs, bulls-eye tattoo on ass hole, wtf...are you watching porn or studying anatomy? She's a star in the making.

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