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Doctor Adventures presents: Amy gets her patient rock hard by engulfing his massive cock

Scene Title: Is Viagra Really Needed

Storyline: Scott deals medication out in the black market and he needs to get a prescription for Viagra so he can sell it to one of his best clients. Scott goes in to see the doctor and Dr.Ried decides to make sure that a young man like Scott really can't get it up before giving him the prescription. Let's just say that being near Dr.Ried would make a skeleton have a hard on!

Doctor: Amy Ried

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What people are saying about: Amy Ried - Is Viagra Really Needed doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I am in LOVEEE!!!!!!!! Amy, I just want to eat your beautiful ass (of course I wnat to do more too... but I'd settle with just licking the most beautiful ass on the planet!!!!!

Comment #2

Much props for the set. Good setup too. Scott was funny trying to keep his wood down. I agree with everything morningtug said about Amy; I never think of her for "best" anything, except for maybe best naturals. But the sex here was awesome, with some amazing camera angles. Loved the ending too, with her sitting at her desk playing with herself. My only gripe is that we didn't get to see her come out of that outfit; at one point she was just instantly almost naked under the lab coat.

Comment #3

Amy, Amy, Amy... Such a Hottie. I agree with MissSnoogans, the hottest natural body in porn, but her performances are never memorable IMO. Honestly I forget she's even in the Porn Biz until I see her scenes posted. With questions in the forums on Best This or That, Amy never even comes to mind, even though she should, because she doesn't leave an impression on my brain.

Comment #4

Hell Yeah! Genital Hospital is making it's rounds. Now sure how you guys got this place but it's awesome that you did. Just like in "Marijuana Madness" where the setting was bigger. Well this place is fucking huge. Scott should of been a lumberjack the way he lays the wood. The best all natural body in the biz is Amy Ried, JMO. Scott was so cute with his inner thoughts trying to lose his wood. The camera angles and McSteamy sex was off the hook. i loved seeing them both in the shoot as he jack hammered her in the mish and doggy. I wonder if we can get a Sasha Grey's Anatomy out of this new place? I mean might as well have some fun with it, right? Snoogans!

Comment #5

I agree that Amy has one of the best bodies in porn-all natural, so fit she looks like an athlete. I read where she was studying mechanical engineering, did some strip/dancing work that lead to porn. One month soon after she started in porn Amy made $60,000 and decided to forget school. I am glad she made the career change to fucking on camera!

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