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Doctor Adventures presents: Miss Valentine Giving an oral exam on a huge dick

Scene Title: I Need Your Blood Pumpin

Storyline: Rocco participates in an alcohol research that requires him to drink shots of mixed alcoholic drinks while having his blood pressure taken. The reason for the study is to prove that alcohol affects the stress hormones while being put through various stress related situations. Angelina, becomes frustrated by the fact that her patients blood pressure never rises. Determined to make her theory true she takes advantage of the intoxicated patient by sucking on his cock. In the end she gets the results she needs.

Doctor: Angelina Valentine

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What people are saying about: Angelina Valentine - I Need Your Blood Pumpin doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Fantastic scene on Angelina's part, but this guy was a dud! Lousy part on his half, and one of the worst cumshots I've seen! Keep her coming back for more, but this guy needs sent back down to the minors until he can get his game back up to par!

Comment #2

I agree with Reogerass21 that Angelina asshole is fine and disagree with Bizenboat and Itzobi1 that she should bleach it. I would love to see Angelina take it up the ass. For me she has one of the most beautiful assholes in the Bizz. To see Angelina Valentine, Lisa Ann, Amy Reid and Sienna West in separate scenes take it up the ass in 2009 would be a pornstarwatchers dream cum true!!!!

Comment #3

am I the only one who noticed he couldnt maintain an erection for the first 2-3 minutes of that insane blowjob? how could you not pop a boner with a girl like that suckin on the head of your wang-chung. seriously, everyone giving this guy rave reviews, he looks like a huge douche bag, and his ED is even more insulting to the fact that, I could perform better doing a scene with her! Im better looking with a bigger dick too! brazzers, pick me up!

Comment #4

This should have started with her talking on the recorder. Really wasn't anyway of knowing that she was trying to his blood pressure up. Rocoo Reed is fucking great. He has the great demeanor when he does his scenes. I didn't think Angelina could look much better. Her new hair style sent her over the top. I don't know what's gotten into Rocco. I know keep hiring him until he runs out. Another hot solid scene, seriously she whipped him with the stethescope. I knew that cumshot was gonna be shady since he was sitting. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Another whack setup for today. I have been growing increasingly fond of Ms Valentine, and I thought this was the best I have seen her look. Her performances are always near the top all the time, but this scene was my fave of hers yet, in part due to the nice camerawork, showing her entire exquisite body in most of the scene. She really marked up Rocco with that stethescope, jeez. And this is 2 good performances in a row for him, hopefully he can keep it up. Very nice sex, keep bringin her back.

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