Audrey Bitoni from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Audrey Bitoni gets slammed hard in the hospital room by her medical doctor

Scene Title: Tight throat

Storyline: Audrey Bitoni went to see a doctor because she had trouble "swallowing things". Dr. English examined her and determined she had TTS recommending a new method that consist in putting "something large" down her throat and he had just the right tool for that...

Doctor: Audrey Bitoni

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What people are saying about: Audrey Bitoni - Tight throat doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Audrey bitoni is the best but please book her with the right guy...don't missed up her image with guys like Ben English!!! simply the chemistry is not working here... We need more lesbo scenes with Audrey, I believe females will appreciate this beauty

Comment #2

hot little slut...we need to see alot more of here! too bad this movie wont play on windows media player! just like a few others on this site! we need more scenes of these bitched CUMING!

Comment #3

Marion31 never said I was above everyone. I'm just above you. Horny toad is someone thats wants sex but can't get it. You know like you. Didn't win a wet T shirt contest. I won amateur night stripping for the prize money. Solid Platinum is not a hole in the wall. Look it up on the net. They have a top feature every weekend. Stormy (chick in 40 yr old virgin) is coming Sept. 20-22 & Tera Patrick coming Oct 11-13, so its more like the solid wall of platinum. Plus I won that visiting to see Lisa Ann another hottie. I won't waste my time chopping you up into bits. Anytime you want to see a photo of me all you have to do is leave your email. Bitch is a nice word, I'm more like a rattlesnake. Now if you will excuse, you have boosted my sexual energy and I'm gonna wake up this sleeping big cock laying next to me. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Good lookin out Brazzers, definitely diggin the variety of the male doctor/female patient scenarios...but something about Audrey bothers me...she reminds me of someone I know...

Comment #5

Audrey is very sultry, but her previous work for Brazzers was, in my view, vastly superior to this effort, in terms of both how she was dressed and how the scenes were shot.

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