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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr August always gets whats she wants

Scene Title: Got Sperm?

Storyline: It is a very busy day for Dr. August and her patient is taking way too long to produce the sperm sample she needs. So to accelerate the process, she decides to give him head. This still doesn't seem to work but Dr. August knows exactly what to do. She is going to ride that cock until she gets that cum and her patient is gonna give her more than what she asked for...

Doctor: August

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What people are saying about: August - Got Sperm? doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This is by far the best scene on this website. Love the way these chicks get tricked or duped into giving up the booty. It's sexy as hell! And fun too. More of these type scenes Brazzers, and I won't be leaving for a long long time.

Comment #2

please give me more of August please she so great love watching her i love everything about her body is perfect the way she act's is great and love the dirty talk from her and i love to watch her take control but at the same time let her self get tricked into being fucked good please give me more scene's with her in them thank you

Comment #3

August is hot as hell, I'm glad she has been booked several times, please continue to do so. Her body is flawless and she is one of the few girls that talk dirty during her scenes. Great setup and Barry was funny. Loved watching her on top, she knows how to ride a dick.

Comment #4

This doctor adventures scene was pretty good. I think you should have had Barry (after a couple times of not filling the cup) say "I'm gonna come now" and have August reply with "No you're not, you're going to hold it in until I'm done with you." Either way the scene was/would be hot. I would have liked to see him cum in the cup and have August drink it. It would have been nice to see her get creampied during the sex, and then drink the second load out of the cup. Having her still fuck after getting creampied just to get the specimen would have been hot. Overall, an 8/10.

Comment #5

Outstanding! It was like I was watching a lost episode of Scrubs. This shit was so damn funny. This was the funniest doctor adventures scene by far. You outdone yourself in my eyes. The stop and go of the sex was alittle nerve racketing but it was still good for me. Thank for the cowgirl finally from a chick with a phat ass. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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