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Doctor Adventures presents: Massive Boobies Austin Kincaid lets herself be fucked by her patients big prick

Scene Title: Tough Guys

Storyline: The hospital can be a very dangerous place at times with all the crazies running about. Nothing turns Dr. Kincaid on more than strong orderlies, so when Joe gets injured in a fight she does anything to thank him for his protective services!

Doctor: Austin Kincaid

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What people are saying about: Austin Kincaid - Tough Guys doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

My dick got hard just seeing her in that doctor's outfit. Austin Kincaid is an incredibly sexy and desirable Southern lady with a really pretty face and a great piece of ass. And she can screw your pipe off, too.

Comment #2

I completely agree with the 2 posts below. The doctor has to stay in charge, she's abusing the patient and not vice-versa. By putting her clothes away, she leaves her identity. Even the cumshots in most scenes show male superiority. They always stroke themselves for a facial...crap. A facial's fine, as long as the dominant doctor causes it. Please NO male doctors...

Comment #3

Smoking hot video with the baddest bitch (my opinion) on the Brazzers. If you smell something, its Austin cause shes the shit. I will go back and watch Austin in her other videos. Finally all the clothes came off in a Dr. Venture. Hell I can see that they are in a doctors office or room. For the guys that claim they want the women to wear more clothes. My question for you is, would you go to a strip club where the women keep their clothes on? NOPE! Take that shit off and lets see that birthday suit. Joe really knows how to throw that King Kong cock of his. I fingered myself after watching this in the restroom at work and Im not ashamed. Brazzers thank you for bringing sexy back (Austin Kincaid). Snoogans!

Comment #4

austin is really attractive but she doesnt look like she enjoys having sex. Kinda like Jaclyn Smith on Charlies ANgels...really hot but not sexy

Comment #5

austin is soooo fuckin hot....she sucks a mean cock, lets see more of her

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