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Doctor Adventures presents: Brianna Beach gets pleasure out of pain in her clients

Scene Title: Pain is Pleasure

Storyline: Dr. Beach is a licensed Physiotherapist. Mr.Mountain comes to pay her a visit as he's been having a light pain in his lower back. After performing the necessary tests, she draws the following conclusion: his cock is too big and his balls are too full which creates extra streneous weight for his lower back. She then decides to suck and fuck him. This is a proven method, read about it in medical journals.

Doctor: Brianna Beach

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What people are saying about: Brianna Beach - Pain is Pleasure doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

my goodness did i sleep on this scene. the last partial was all that was needed, i mean shit. The cowgirl was awesome and was made better by the sounds (wet) coming from the cooch as she was making sure she got hers. You can tell she had her big "O" right before she let... scratch that, made him cum in her mouth and on her tits. Got my nut.

Comment #2

Brianna Beach is one sensual chick. She knows how to move her body in ways most girls don't, which makes her an awesome performer. The setup reminded me of the doctor adventures scene with Holly Halston and her husband. I would have like to see he keep the clothes on longer, but a scene with Brianna is always good. Cowgirl on the floor was crazy hot

Comment #3

She's done so many mediocre scenes that if she ever DID do anal I wouldn't even care - kind of like Alexis Texas, who's finally opened her crapper up but since she's shot 10,000 straight-vag scenes and overexposed herself, I don't care.

Comment #4

For me Brianna Beach is a member of my Phat Pack. She didn't do the mouthing that I like to hear from her. Danny has really been a solid performer in the majority of his scenes. Here I thought women had back problems because of large breasts. I thought they would use the table more but oh well. I enjoyed the bump and grind of her cowgirl the best. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Briana is so fucking hot, and this doctor adventures scene is Awesome. Kudos to the camera guy, he got some angles that have not been used in Porn for a long time now. Nice sound making when she sucks the dick.

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