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Doctor Adventures presents: Busty blonde doctor blows and bangs patient

Scene Title: The importance of stimulation

Storyline: Dr. O'Neil is a very busy doctor and today is no exception. She is really pressed for time as there are alot of sperm donors today and is giving each donor only a couple of minutes to contribute their sample. The problem is one paticular donor is taking a long time to contribute his sample complaining that he needs some visual or physical stimulation. He asks the doctor if she can aid him anyway as there are no magazines and Dr. O'Neil being pressed for time conceeds. He wanted stimulation and she more than gave it to him and no doubt gave her the biggest donation she has ever received.

Doctor: Britney O'Neil

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What people are saying about: Britney O'Neil - The importance of stimulation doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Best scene by brittany by far.Absolute legend!!

Comment #2

Brazzers, bring her back as soon as possible! Britney O Neil is so far the actress with the highest rated scene ever at 9,50 with 966 votes for "A big deal" and this means that we cannot wait to see more of her!! Please shoot at least one scene a month with our lady: BRITNEY O NEIL

Comment #3

Not the best girl in your group, but very fuckable. Too bad her tan line accented parts that didn't need to be accented. Wonder if those new to the trade look at stars of this vintage and see just how their bidies may change. For a time I thought the rubber was to collect his sperm, until whipped off so he came on tits. My last sperm sample was shot into a rubber.

Comment #4

A great video. A very cooperative and submissive doctor. For an old porn star she shows her maturity and experience with oodles of sensuality. I guess she rarely sleeps on her stomach!

Comment #5

Great doctor adventures scene. for the longest time I thought she was lame, I didn't like that she never got fucked hard and always seemed in slo motion, but she's great, I guess her body and the fact that she's probably over 50 by now helps. she is one of the most gorgeous porn stars in history and looks as good as ever. If she was just sitting there doing her taxes I'd probably like that too.

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