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Scene Title: Respect the white coat

Storyline: Todays Lesson folks, is respect the white coat! A lesson Dr. Haven had to teach this star athlete who came in to her office this morning. He was clearly in pain from an injury but was unnecessarily rude, using obscene language even name calling. Dr. Haven didn't much care for his attitude and became aggresive to say the least. She redirected the name calling, took charge and eased his pain faster than any medicine could. Dr. Haven definitely showed him that he may be the big star athlete in town but in her office the only uniform that matters is the white coat and not his game jersey with his name on the back!

Doctor: Brooke Haven

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What people are saying about: Brooke Haven - Respect the white coat doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

If scenes are gonna continue be redundant, at least flip the script. So she's eyeballin him and pleasuring herself. I have no problem with lemon juice dripping or her hitting on him outside. Now once his friend is gone have her playing hard to get. One last suggestion if you're gonna have a body like that in bra and panties. It would be best if you capture it all in it's entirety. Like with a behind shot of Charles face in the background and his eyes popping out. Usually you get two performers like this together and you might want a Tazer close by. The head game was strong by Brooke. Even got some proper titfucking in. So now the scene is on the highway to hell cause I felt nothing after that. The chemistry was lacking and it showed in the performance. Get Miss B Haven in cowgirl STAT. Snoogans!

Comment #2

more Brooke Haven please! no one does dirty talk like Brooke! cumshot went twenty feet!

Comment #3

whoa, what a handjob this doc gives..

Comment #4

I love her scene's even though she's always been "textbook." she used to do anal, but haven't seen it from her in a long time. what happened???

Comment #5

I like the brunette Brooke. It gives her a bit of class appeal

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