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Doctor Adventures presents: Sexy nurses fucking a big cock at work

Scene Title: Extra Long Stay

Storyline: Trent was feeling fine and he called up his girlfriend to come and pick him up. But his doctor had other plans for him and his cock. Once the girlfriend arrived the Doctor and nurse gaged her and tied her up. They then proceeded to get some cock from this unaware young man. He didn't seem to mind these two hot chicks wanted his young cock...

Doctor: Brynn Tyler and Bridgette B

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Doctor Adventures Brynn Tyler and Bridgette B HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Brynn Tyler and Bridgette B - Extra Long Stay doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I liked this scene. I'm normally a huge fake-tit fan, but these 2 turned me on something awful. The scenario was alittle absurd but I got over it quickly. This was MUCH better than Brynn's 1st scene on TLIB. I'm not familiar with Bridgett - she's hot most def, but Brynn totally outfucked her here and stole the show. I'd like to see more of her, but with a tighter midsection. I can't believe Trent Tesoro is still around, lol. You guys GOTTA tell him to lose that ridiculous feaux-hawk, it's not cool.

Comment #2

I liked this scenario. I liked the girls. However I wouyld have executed it a bit differently. The girlfriend being tied up just did not look real enough. She didn't resist and they weren't quick to jump on her and restrain her. Additionally, I would have had her looking through a two way mirror into his hospital room while tied to a chair. Then after the cum shot have Nurse Brynn wheel her in on the chair still bound and gagged. The sex wasn't the greatest. It was average. The two girls worked well together and made for a hot pair. It would have been nice to see the girls eating pussy. The editing sucked on this scene too. You guys still can't get that shit figured out? Overall, a decent scene, but could have been much better. 7/10. On a side note - To the girls hating on the guys because they have body hair, not all stars like to be shaved/waxed, it's their personal preference. Complaining won't change their minds.

Comment #3

after watching my last doctor adventures scene with smokin hot ramon & adrenalynn i was not blown away by this scene at all. brynn and bridgett played dumb blonde nurses well and i'm sure a lot of the guys will love that they have natural tits. the intensity/tempo in this scene however never took off. trent, after watching waxed/tanned ramon in my last scene i was turned off completely by your gorilla like hair and white skin. brazzers staff after ralph long's and trent's next paycheck, please make them sign agreement that they will either shave or wax their body for the girl viewers sake (yameansson comments below). i'm sure most guys think that if i have a big dick (trent you do not) the girls will love me. well we have to watch you fuck and watch girls lick/suck around that nasty hair (legs & dick) and it's not pleasing at all. i'm not being hateful i'm just providing constructive criticism!!! wasn't impressed with the cumshot across the belly. the girls look nice in this doctor adventures scene but the action never got going. i believe if the girls had another guy that had tempo/intenisity (kerian, ramon, johnny, ben english, etc.) it could have been a great scene.

Comment #4

this doctor adventures trailer scene has some major hot nurses and they look to have great chemistry in the trailer. trent you & ralph need to lose that nasty hair on your legs (please) and you will look 10x better. i believe the ladies are going to steal the show in this one because they look like they work together nicely. could be a scorcher????

Comment #5

I like Brynn so I was looking forward to this scene. The other girl is cute and the action overall was ok but it could have been better, still solid scene, I like to see more solo action from Brynn.

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