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Doctor Adventures presents: Carmel Moore in Cough Please episode

Scene Title: Cough Please

Storyline: Three college football athletes are sent to Dr. Moore's office to get their annual hernia test. It's business as usual as Carmel feels up the three young players balls. But when it's Billy's turn she is unsure if his balls are to big because of a hernia or that his balls are the biggest she's ever touched. She feels the need to do some further research so she sends the other players out of the office and examines Billy thoroughly.

Doctor: Carmel Moore

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What people are saying about: Carmel Moore - Cough Please doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Carmel is so perfect. She is so pretty and just an excellent performer. Not the typical blond barbie dolls that that all look alike and seem to be the norm these days. Even her voice is very soothing and relaxing to me. That stunt cock on the other hand, can't remember his name but have watched him for years. He just needs to go. He can't fuck a hot woman without taking a break every 10 seconds. He is way past his prime and just needs to retire. Please do not have him on Brazzers anymore. He is a scene killer. Carmel should have way better talent to work with.

Comment #2

Damn I wish Billy would just fuck at a nice even pace. Yeah when he throws the hammer it looks great. It doesn't last long enough for me to caress to though. I won't ever get tired of looking at Carmel. Don't care how much her looks changed. I will give credit to the mish. When the camera angle got in the right position, I loved watching that cock rock steady in her. I'm begging and pleading that Billy stop aiming for the face. Just snowcap those mountains please. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Another bad doctor adventures scene thanks to Billy Glide. He can't act, bad performer, weak cum shots.....the list goes on and on. Please retire so we don't have to suffer through another scene. Carmel moore is a great porn star she doesn't need this limb dick

Comment #4

Shes hot, but i can't watch any scenes that this fuckin loser is in!! Will he fuck her already, every scene hes in he goes two strokes then pulls it out then two strokes then pulls it out, try and fuck her for longer than 3 seconds mate! What a dick, don't use this clown again!

Comment #5

Carmel is hot. She's cute, has beautiful tits and her hairy bush is cute. i like how she sucks his cock over and over. Good scene.

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