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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Bing cures her patients cock by fucking it

Scene Title: Anti Vaginal-Penetration Disorder

Storyline: Dr. Bing's patient can't control these tingling feelings he gets in his genitals whenever he sees things like big tits, nice asses and hot legs! She figures he must have a case of anti-vaginal-penetration disorder and the only way to cure it is plenty of vaginal penetration...on the spot!

Doctor: Carmella Bing

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What people are saying about: Carmella Bing - Anti Vaginal-Penetration Disorder doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Oh Bejeezus! Carmella Bing - Destroyer of men! A pretty basic scene plot and set wise, and the male lead looks overwhelmed in the presence of the goddess, but Carmella just looks fucking awesome. She is quite simply built for sex, and has definitely found her true calling. Her dirty talk and sexy looks to camera...fuck! Loved the pulled back hair, by the way - really suits her.

Comment #2

this was definately not one of her best scenes. funkdoc, they do chant thats at sporting events, however, they may just not chant it in your state. I didn't like the hair style she had, and her and Andrew seemed boring together in this scene, not much chemistry between the two. The doctor adventures scene is pretty old as well, since the fake tattoo is still on her leg. Carmella isn't bad looking, but this scene was one of her worst, if not her worst yet. 7/10

Comment #3

This has been such a good week with updates I'm just getting to Carmella now. I see why now. What a boring-ass update. Andrew is one tool who should be put back in the shed and never let out. They must've shot this right after the update MJ mentioned cuz that fake ink still looked fresh. But I love when chicks wear their hair like that. I've never heard an "overrated" chant in any sporting arena, and I'm usually at one every month, where do they say that? honest question...

Comment #4

I know she did a shoot called "A Day With Carmella" and she got that that fake ink done on sometime ago. That day she fucked this loser Andrew. His cumshots are so fucking weak. Drink some protein jackhole. I can see that Carmella has really tried to lose some weight with her last three shoots. Glad to see that she hasn't got any hate yet. She is one of the best. Snoogans! Has anyone noticed the infamous green tank that crack Etalia Belle in the head and split her eye?

Comment #5

gotta love carmella she looked reallllllly hot in this scene i love the way her hair was i 2 great vids today brazzers i have no more nut left to bust...i dunno wut im gunna tell my girlfriend later tonite...thx

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