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Doctor Adventures presents: Celeste Mulet fucks a patient with no name but a number

Scene Title: Mysterious patient

Storyline: Even though Dr. Mulet's patient was seriously wounded and needed immediate assistance, he still refused to identify himself. Dr. Mulet knew there was something fishy about her mysterious patient but she didn't care much. The only thing she cared about was getting fucked hard and this guy knew exactly how to fuck her tight pussy.

Doctor: Celeste Mulet

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Doctor Adventures Celeste Mulet HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Celeste Mulet - Mysterious patient doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

the best porn scene i have ever seen in my life. the angles were unbeatable, her movements, the eye contact, she's so dirty, the shoes & stockings. wow wow wow. previously i thought nikki benz' doctor with coma patient scene was best, then i saw diamond foxxx's scene wit rocco but this is right up there with it. the girl isnt my personal fave but the scene is in a league of its own. brazzers you did right with this one. by the way...i think i'm obsessed

Comment #2

A decent scene, the scenario was lame, but Celeste is a nice addition to the site. I thought she looked better in the trailer than she did when I watched the full scene. Just a couple issues I have with her, but she's still a decent star. The acting wasn't great on either end, but I think the lame scenario had a lot to do with that. The lighting sucked through most of the scene. Overall, 7/10.

Comment #3

Really good doctor adventures scene with Celeste. Good positions and some fine camarawork to capture some really great angels of a hot and wonderful Celeste in a scene with the setup ok. Celeste is doing ok with Johnny, who also performs very well but a little ease up on his part could do. It should not be teeeth grinding or underjar pulled out that far to do a fuck scene with Celeste, who should be on a recall asap.

Comment #4

This chick is hot as hell. I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but she sounds eerily similar to Ava Lauren/Lanna Lotts while geting fucked. Her mouth looks a lot like Ava's too. Any relation? Nice positions and excellent camerawork with the WIDE angles - we don't need to see closeups of the fucking; we know what's going on. Sorry MJ, I can't agree with you in calling Johnny the "Jordan" of porn. Jordan was great on both sides of the ball, O & D. While Johnny's fucking (offense) may be the best in the biz, his (defense) acting is atrocious. I'd equate him to more like a David Ortiz, or for anyone who REALLY knows baseball, "professional hitter" Matt Stairs, lol

Comment #5

I don't care if people get tired of me saying it. Johnny Sins is the Michael Jordan of porn. He brings so much to all his performances. Out of all the scenes I have seen him in, maybe only a couple chicks weren't satisfied. He pulled three positions we don't see in every scene. Alright now to Miss Celeste Mulet made one helluva debut. Very sexy with a naughty laugh that I liked. It doesn't bother that this was scene was ripped from the Hitman movie cause he didn't put in work like these two did. 2 very pointy erect nips, Snoogans!

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