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Doctor Adventures presents: Busty doctor gives head and fucked on her desk

Scene Title: Routine checkup gone wild!

Storyline: Dr. Chase is doing a regular checkup on Mr. Jordan today. The checkup went well and Mr. Jordan was given a clean bill of health as well as the real bill for payment. Mr. Jordan then informed the doctor that he couldn't make the payment at this time and he requested if he could pay at a later date or if there some other means of payment she could offer. Dr. Chase, somewhat irate at this point, refuses his request for a later payment and demands payment at the present time. This is where this visit turns very wild for both parties. Dr. Chase doesn't offer ulterior means of payment but demands it. Checkups aren't cheap and Dr. Chase made damn sure to get full payment from Mr. Jordan.

Doctor: Charlee Chase

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What people are saying about: Charlee Chase - Routine checkup gone wild! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

She is actually a decent actress! I love the way she plays with his cock with a gloved hand and spits on the glove to keep it lubed up. "I think you're getting a little too excited by this" SHA-WING!!! Whta huge fucking tits! WOW! Nice, she makes suction noise pulling the cock out of her mouth all the while looking into the camera and says, "you like the way this doctor sucks your cock?" Charlee Chase makes great eye contact with the camera too! I shot loads like a super soaker! 10+!!!

Comment #2

That Charlee is something else. There's a lot of meat there. She is among the top 5 or 6 women on the network. What a piece of ass.

Comment #3

She is definately top line material. More of her please!

Comment #4

Wow - she is super hot as the annoyed doctor. What an incredible tease and fantastic tanlines as well!

Comment #5

Repeat performance - Please. She is SO good.

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