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Doctor Adventures presents: Delta White in Nursing Him Back To Health episode

Scene Title: Nursing Him Back To Health

Storyline: Keiran's dad is one decrepit old man, who is helpless without the aid of his nurse. He's been known to glance at her cleavage and would like nothing more than to cure himself of his impotence for one last hurrah. Too bad that's not going to happen, but he can live vicariously through his son.

Doctor: Delta White

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What people are saying about: Delta White - Nursing Him Back To Health doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Sweet scene! Keiran takes gentle but firm control here, and does a really good job on Delta, who really is a sweet, cute babe. There are some good laughs along the way in Keiran's usual amusing style, and he finishes with a great cumshot. One in the eye for Delta! Nice!

Comment #2

This doctor adventures scene is awesome with chemistry and Keiran fucks her like his life depended on it! HOT! I love Delta's tats which just makes me beat off faster! That was great with two strings of cum hanging off Delta's face with one eye pasted closed with cum. I would have kept the camera on for another minute on that facial. 10!

Comment #3

I think this site is top notch! however...WHY THE FUCK IS KEIREN LEE IN EVERY SCENE? I think i speak for others when i say that it would be nice if brazzers had a little variety in their male casting, and also....please limit the Limey douchebags!

Comment #4

I know this is DA but I believe Keiran was under the weather. Pretty funny rolling dude down the hallway like that. I do believe Delta is sort of like Aletta. You just can't fuck her at a regular pace like you would normally fuck an American. This types of chicks like it hard and fast. I mean she had to asked to be fucked harder. Besides the snickering she done, the only times a moan came out of her mouth was during cowgirl and some of doggy. I do like the fact that this wasn't in a office setting. Another bullsEYE cumshot by Keiran. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I usually don't comment on these videos but i felt compelled to tell brazzers that I've never been more disappointed with a male performannce ever. Keiran lee is a fucking twat. "Stay there. Don't move! Stat there" what does he think she's gonna do? Run away? And I'm tired of seeing this wifebeater wearing dipshit in every movie. Get some new talent.

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