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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Angelina lets her patient bone her for a doctors note

Scene Title: Sick Note

Storyline: Mr. Dera wanted to miss his test because he hadn't studied enough, his friends told him that there was this doctor who would do this for a price. Once he got there he figured out that the price was sex and that the doctor was horny as hell. Lucky enough for him Dr. Angelina was ready , willing and able to satisfy all of his need.

Doctor: Eva Angelina

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What people are saying about: Eva Angelina - Sick Note doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Holy fuckin hottest girl girl on the planet batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the body, the glasses, the scene, and that fuckin ridiculously sexy voice that i wont be able to get out of my head. and this guy is right, what a pretty pussy. i loooooooooooooooooove Eva. i m her new biggest fan, i hope she never stops shooting for u guys

Comment #2

I don't mind straight to sex content. But I also don't mind a lil lead in story, if it's done right. Eva is gorgeous and one of the best performers in the biz. But we definitely see she cannot act worth shit here. The whole premise was done so bad I was laughing. So I guess if you were going for a chuckle Brazzers, you got it. On the believable scale, not so much. Otherwise, great scene, she's a helluva performer. Sometimes I guess you may just want to cut the "acting" portion out a bit ;)

Comment #3

Eva is so damn hot, and she took care of his dick. Stupid setup/dialogue. They had some chemistry goin on, and I think she was really into him, even tho Dera was back to his old blabbermouth ways, trying to discuss the meaning of life while trying to fuck. Brazzers staff PLEASE tell him to shut up!

Comment #4

I never really brag on Eva but this girl is gorgeous. She was wearing some really sexy see through panties. I thought the setup was kinda funny. I liked him playin fuckin goofy like he did with Misty Vonage. Too much stop and talking during the sex. For me this scene started good but midway through I was like shut the hell up and fuck already. Two pluses was new office and she finally took that damn coat off. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I saw this doctor adventures scene earlier in the week and it was pretty good. Eva is still hot and I love to see her scenes. When she's in a scene, you know it will be good. I loved the glasses and the outfit. Eva's body is sexy. The chemistry between her and Dera was alright. I still hate Dera and I'll probably never like him because he's just an idiot in every scene. The scenario was decent as well. I'll give it a 7/10.

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