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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Gianna Micheals getting fucked hard on her desk

Scene Title: Skeletons in the doctor's Closet

Storyline: Dr. Micheal's reputation proceeds her, not because she is a good doctor but rather the opposite. She's been a very naughty doctor in the past and her past finally catches up to her in this very steamy scene!

Doctor: Gianna Micheals

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What people are saying about: Gianna Micheals - Skeletons in the doctor's Closet doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Dominatrix????? I normally love watching Gianna perform, but to see her so controling was repulsive. I could only endure a few minutes of this video. I often wonder how a man comes to enjoy this type of sex?

Comment #2

what can i say my penis is in love great sexy im in charge face well endowed natural breasts which is not the normal thing in porn these days the scene was great if i believe there is a doctor micheals replica out there i am going to get a hernia overnight and book an appointment

Comment #3

I love how she talks shit.

Comment #4

Gianna Micheals is out of this world. Great acting skills. She totally rocks. I love how she takes control. And great sense of humour. Very rare. Incredible spirit. Ditto the previous post: Gianna and Carmella would be heaven on earth. Here's to fantasies coming true.

Comment #5

Just one word: unbelievable!!! yes, Gianna is.

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