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Doctor Adventures presents: Gina Lynn in Getting rid of the erection episode

Scene Title: Getting rid of the erection

Storyline: Dr. Lynn has to deal with a strange situation, her patient claims to have been tricked into taking a "blue pill" instead of aspirin the night before and now he has a hard erection he can't get rid of. After examining him she figures out that there is only one way to cure her patient and we all know that Dr. Lynn would do anything for her patients.

Doctor: Gina Lynn

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What people are saying about: Gina Lynn - Getting rid of the erection doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Gina is awesome. She really acts well and makes the fantasy real. "Have you jerked off at all?" HELL YEAH I love the gloved handjob asking "Would you like some lubricant?" I am going to see Gina dance next month and have a hard cock just thinking about it!

Comment #2

I love the girl, but hate the scene. I just can't get over the whole latex glove thing - its so clinical. Why can't he jsut have sex wiht his hot doctor in the doctor's office - why follow this ridiculous plot line all the way through. Just - hey doc your're hot - let's fuck and no latex gloves!

Comment #3

Another hot doctor adventures scene from one the best(if not the best) in the business. More Gina please.

Comment #4

we need Gina playing with cocks a lot bigger than in this scene...maybe even some huge black cock...if it was mandingo that revealed himself to her, it would have ben way more hot watching her reaction. haha

Comment #5

Gina Lynn is the best...period. She is drop dead beautiful. My fav. star

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