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Doctor Adventures presents: Smoking hot doctor gives blowjob anal fucked

Scene Title: The gift and curse!

Storyline: Mr. Carter is suffering from a mild case of erectile disfunction which is a very common case. While going through a number of tests with the very attractive Dr. Halston, and very busty i should add, Mr. Carter can't keep his eyes off the doctor's cleavage. Dr. Halston catches his wandering eye several times and notices his erectile problem seemed to be getting resolved.

Doctor: Holly Halston

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What people are saying about: Holly Halston - The gift and curse! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Hot scene scenario, but I wish I could see Holly in stockings!!!

Comment #2

This is my favorite doctor adventures scene. I keep watching it and get as hard each time! How could he not stare at those big tits? I cannot jerk off enough to Holly, she drains my balls! I would give her a great semen sample! If anyone cannot get a full erection during this scene you are probably dead!

Comment #3

GREAT SCENE! Ms. Halston actually has some comedic acting chops going on there.I could'nt bother with spanking it because I was too busy laughing.She looks like she'd be cool to hang out with.I'm not big on watching anal...but clearly that's her talent.No problem seeing more of her.

Comment #4

Dear Holly, you are hot! Big tits, high heels, long legs, wearing glasses, your mind set on ass fucking and blow jobs! My vote: 10 out of 10 points!

Comment #5

your one dirty woman and thats why i love ya, oh not to mention your fucking hot tits!you need to do a threesome with rebecca love.

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