Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy in Nurses Gone Wild episode

Scene Title: Nurses Gone Wild

Storyline: Carmen and Holly found that patient Sins was pretty good looking and they really wanted to get some of him inside of them. They went into his room when he was sleeping to get a peak at his cock but they got so worked up that it didn't end there... within minutes theses girls had satisfied their urge to fuck him by actually fucking him...

Doctor: Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy

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Doctor Adventures Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy - Nurses Gone Wild doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I was wondering why this was rated so low, and after watching I see why. There was no storyline whatsoever, and to echo york's sentiments - Carmen didn't get nearly enough dick as Holly, which was a huge disappointment. Plus there was no cowgirl from either and there were too many closeups, especially of the girl who WASN'T fucking, which makes no sense. Johnny still brought the heat but this doctor adventures scene was definitely a letdown.

Comment #2

i was so excited to see long dick johnny sins back in action. if he is not the avn male performer of the year i would be shocked because this guy always delivers. he has a nice body, long dick, fucks with intensity, and delivers excellent cumshots (kerian, ramon, ben, etc.)!! this guy is the next perter n, rocco s., manuel f., or ben e. of porn. carmen and holly both shared johnny's pole very nicely in this doctor adventures scene throughout positions and fucked him very nicely. the standing cg with holly was mad hot and the 69 cock sharing was blazing hot. the dick sucking between positions was very nice!! the major disappointment for the scene was after johnny's cumshot there was no cleanup or dick sucking. when you fuck someone as hot as johnny and as good as johnny you have to drop to your knees and show your appreciation (shame on you girls). this is what seperates average performers from great performers like nikki benz, eva angelina, savannah stern, rachel roxxx, etc. loved seeing johnny work with two girls just wished they would have done their jobs to close out the scene!!! more johnny please!!!!!!

Comment #3

Decent pair of girls for this scene. The scenario obviously took very little imagination to come up with. If this is the best your guys can come up with, then you better hire some new staff. The lighting was fucking horrible through most of this scene, or at least the beginning. Do we have to have this talk again? Carmen was so loud, Holly should have kept sitting on her face so "doctors didn't hear them." getting it on with a patient. The nurse outfits didn't look realistic. Holly is a decent looking girl, Carmen is pretty hot. I just don't like all the moles on Holly's chest, other than that she isn't bad. The scene was average, nothing special about it. Overall, an average at best. 7/10.

Comment #4

I had to find time to my man...the Greek God...Johnny fuckin Sins. I'm not even pissed that it wasn't even close to being a setup. ZZ you can not put Carmen McCarty with such an average chick like Holly Morgan. I wasn't excited when I saw Holly the first time. Carmen needs the show to her own. If she has to share the spotlight put her with equal valve. I was hoping that Carmen would get that fifth position cause Holly just fell on deaf ears. Carmen hope your next scene is b/g and it's not with a slum. Tell them you want Mr Sins again. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Carmen is to damn good lookin to be in a scene with another girl she needs to do b/g everytime. And you should never not have Carmen do regular cowgirl with that ass. And whats with that Cracked out lookin Elisha Cuthbert chic. Remove her from the scene and it be the shit. Good thing for fastforward. I fastforwarded every time to get to Carmen.

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