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Doctor Adventures presents: Isis Love in Dick Sucker episode

Scene Title: Dick Sucker

Storyline: Emergency! Emergency! Barry Scott has got his dick stuck in a vacuum and it's broken. Dr. Isis Love to the rescue. With the risk of Barry's dick never being able to be the same again, Isis attempts a last resort procedure. She needs to fuck his cock back to life.

Doctor: Isis Love

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What people are saying about: Isis Love - Dick Sucker doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

i think there needs to be a lot more ass licking in these scenes...its so hot to see these sexy fucking checks getting their assholes licked...and that goes double for her...LOVE HER!!

Comment #2

This was funnier than Keiran getting his cock stuck in Chinese finger trap. People can hate on Barry if they choose but dude had me laughing so hard. Makes me wonder how desperate guys really are when it comes to getting off. Couldn't ask for a better doctor than Isis Love Phat Pack member. Thanks Barry for than a minute of pussy licking. Seems like that art is lost on ZZ lately. The cowgirl was clearly bootyful. He must have been numb cause he pulverized her in reverse cowgirl. The spoon was alright. The rest of the scene didn't match the intensity of how it started. The doggy, T-bone, and mish were all too quick. Snoogans!

Comment #3

This vid is another example of whats messing up most porn today. You have a beautiful/sexy actress (Isis) who should be the focal point of the vid from start to finish. Instead, you let the numbnutz male "actor" (with a little assistance from the lousy cameraman) dominate every scene. There are scenes in this vid where you can barely see Isis, because numbnutz is sticking his arms, hands, legs, ass, or whatever directly into your angle of view. Adding insult to injury the cameraman keeps on shooting even though the actress is obscured from the viewer. WTF!!! Hello McFly ..... we subscribe to these sites to see beautiful women doing sexy things. So, could someone please take action and get the male actors under control. We want to see beautiful women in sexy clothes and costumes, tease, strip, and fuck a guy silly. I'm sick of seeing scenes ruined from beginning to end because some out of control numbnutz constantly has his hands on the womens ass, (cant see that booty jiggle or bounce) keeps sticking his face, or his arms, legs in the camera. Someone needs to remind the cameraman this is heterosexual porn and not gay porn?!!!

Comment #4

Isis went from her best scene to her worst in a few weeks and it's all because of Barry Scott. He is not a brazzers guy, he is not good at getting the best angles and he's distractingly weird looking. Please don't let him near any top notch babes like Isis again, hand her over to Jordan Ash or Charles Dera...or me.

Comment #5

Isis must love vacum cleaners since this is her second scene that has to do with one, lol..

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