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Doctor Adventures presents: Jayden James teases with her tits to get the dick walking

Scene Title: Wheelchair Recovery Therapy

Storyline: Doctor James walks in the medical room for Anthony's rehabilitation session of the day. Anthony is recovering from leg surgery and will not budge and is in a major depression. She is used to these kinds of bummed down patients, so she decides to use her 'own' methods of treatment to make him walk again…

Doctor: Jayden Jaymes

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What people are saying about: Jayden Jaymes - Wheelchair Recovery Therapy doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Jayden was really fucking hot in this one. Loved how she got right down to business and started teasing him to get him to walk. Didn't care for the guy, althought he didn't act that bad in this scene, he was still a distraction. He just looked like he was really 'dumb'. The sex was not as great as I wished it would have been. The scenario was decent but could have been executed better. Overall a decent doctor adventures scene. 8/10.

Comment #2

Almost the same exact setup as Keiran Lee/Misty Vonage, but unfortunately there was no buildup, Jayden got right down to it. As other members said, Hardwood was a little too much with the spitting but he did to a good job with his role. Jayden is so frickin sexy she turns an otherwise average scene into a good one. More MF for her plzz

Comment #3

This was a very hot doctor adventures scene. Jayden has a beautiful body and I can't say much for the ok looking guy they put her with. However, he can pound some good pussy that is for sure! I think Jayden, Shayla, Ms. Jolie, Ms. Benz, and Lacey have the best body. They have good meat on their bones, pretty breast, nice round bottoms, and they don't have that sexy annarexy look!

Comment #4

Damn how old is Anthony? I've never seen him on here before. Dude is really put together for his age. He wasn't bad at fucking either. It appears that you have changed the look of the doctor into a sexy uniform. I still consider her to look more like a nurse than doctor. Of course Jayden looked hot as fuck. She hardly ever looks bad in her scenes. Glad Anthony doesn't mind eating pussy either. The cowgirl was shakin with her great ass. Good acting by Anthony too. He sold that knee injury all the way through. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I know that guy is getting a lot of comments about his penis size, but at least the dude lasted the entire scene...not sure how many of us here would have "held it together" during Jayden's mad hot CG riding. Let's face it, Jayden is too good looking for porn. Her body is practically built for sex, and we are fortunate that she is doing porn for brazzers. I'm sure she could be a rich, trophy housewife and not do a damn thing, but thankfully for us she's doing porn right now. I'm also curious, how long before one of the major companies take her away from brazzers. Jayden gets better with every scene, always smiles and fucks with energy. She knows how to finish a guy off. She is the total package.

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