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Doctor Adventures presents: Jenaveve Jolie seduces her patient with her big tits

Scene Title: Oral presentation

Storyline: Keiran Lee stumbles into the dentist office barely being able to speak because his wisdom teeth are killing him. Being a dirty oral specialist, Jenaveve sucks his enormous fucking cock to help him forget about his teeth. Keiran returns the favor and gives the doctor something she hasnít had in a long time; a good hard fuck.

Doctor: Jenaveve Jolie

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What people are saying about: Jenaveve Jolie - Oral presentation doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

When is there going to be more POV scenes you have a the finest pornstars on this site why not use them to make some more pov movies like this one, just one suggestion for the money shot though have the camera go down and focus on her face more not over the guys shoulder I truly dont give a fuck about seeing the guy. Just the expression of extasy on the girls face and the look in her eyes that she wants to get fucked by me make my dick cover the computer screen with nut. More POV, more profits, more satisfied customers, and don't change the story lines just because its POV incorporate them in these types of scenes!!!!!!

Comment #2

i absolutely adore this girl, jenaveve jolie i love her work ,,what can i say !!!simpley the best porn star in the world in my mind..i wish it was me she was making it out with not them. keep it up jenaveve ...please lets have more of her ..

Comment #3

I have to agree w/ the comments about this time of camera angle. It's refreshing. It's new to this site. And JJ was a good choice. I would like to see more of these scenes, but an entire site would be overkill. Mixing it in w/ the current sites and being selective about which women are in them is all you really need to do. TY yet again Brazzers and keep up the good work.

Comment #4

I'm not a big fan of the POV concept, but this doctor adventures scene just worked. Jenaveve Jolie is the right person for it I guess, super sexy, knows how to seduce, look into the camera with those big pretty eyes, just damn! One of the prettiest girls in porn without a doubt. I didn't mind the pace of the scene being slow, I thought KL did great given that he pretty much just layed on his back the whole time. Great finish, as KL always delivers and JJ did a good job of finishing him off. Overall, I have to give this scene a 10, but very few girls on brazzers can pull this off, so I'm not sure about a new POV site.

Comment #5

I was really shocked this doctor adventures scene stayed with the POV. You guys picked a great chick for staring at. Jevaveve. Now I was stunned knowing that Brazzers golden one got zero face time. Then again with the complaints of too much Keiran. I can see you made another wise choice. The sex was hot because the pace was nice and slow to caress with. I usually like a faster pace but this was so hot and rare that I couldn't resist. Snoogans!

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