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Doctor Adventures presents: Jenna Presley loves having fucky fucky with her patients

Scene Title: A Rare Case Of Girlstuckoncock

Storyline: When Dr. Presley walks in the room where her next patient is waiting, she finds Charles with a rare case of "Girlstuckoncock"... She doesn't hesitate for a second and works her magic to get the girl off. She then notices Charles' large attribute and decides to see for herself what being stuck on that big cock is all about...

Doctor: Jenna Presley

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What people are saying about: Jenna Presley - A Rare Case Of Girlstuckoncock doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

She was wet because his wet mouth was all over her pussy a minute before they started fucking. She didn't get wet "just from lapping those balls," numbnuts. And while she may enjoy her job, her moaning is all entirely fake. If you can't tell the difference between real ecstasy and faked ecstasy, then you obviously haven't fucked a woman proper before. Yes, she's damn hot...but to me, the whole scene was rather bland, run-of-the-mill, and unexciting...much like most of the scenes on this site.

Comment #2

Just another bullshit pro porn scene. Tons of fake moaning, tons of fake dirty talk, and she doesn't even swallow. This site is total FAIL. It's a good example of why pro porn is losing ground to amateur porn so quickly. It's just not exciting. And to me, there's nothing more annoying than a porn star faking enjoyment and moaning loudly over nothing. This site just sucks.

Comment #3

On March 09, 2009 at 6:56 PM, Fah_Q said: How did they get to the hospital with a girl stuck on his cock? The EMTs must have broke their backs lifting that stretcher. LoL. It would be funny tho seeing them transport patients like that through a hospital. Haha.

Comment #4

I gotta be honest, besides the fact it's the unbelieveably sexy Jenna Presley, I thought overall this wasn't good. I had no idea what was going on with the setup, and all the positions and sex were just routine to me. Jenna is uncomprehendably hot, which saved it from being a total bust imo.

Comment #5

This hot fuckin' doctor adventures scene made my cockhead swell like a fuckin' watermelon! Jenna Presley is a dick-craving, juicy slut! You can tell she fuckin' LOVES big hard man meat in her mouth. She fuckin' gobbles that cock like a goddamn cumslut! Oh my fucking God, I love her! God fucking bless her plastic surgeon, those bodacious swelled up titties are the most heavenly things I've ever fuckin' seen! MORE SCENES OF THIS BIG ROUND GLOBED UP BITCH! She refers to herself as a slut so many times in this scene, I nearly lost it only a couple minutes in! Shit! I've slung so much spunk this morning because of her! Drain me Brazzers! Gimme more of Jenna Presley... NOW!

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