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Doctor Adventures presents: Jenna Presley in Fuckin Passed Out episode

Scene Title: Fuckin Passed Out

Storyline: Scott is visiting Dr. Presley to discuss his problem with narcolepsy. Every time Scott gets a little excited he passes out and for Jenna that's music to her ears because she loves to fuck passed out guys with big dicks. So Jenna pulls out her big tits and knocks Scott the Fuck Out!

Doctor: Jenna Presley

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What people are saying about: Jenna Presley - Fuckin Passed Out doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Fuck Anal! Anal is for taking a shit and for faggots! Don't listen to those freaks! This is Big Boob Pass and that is what should be the main focus! Jenna is so sexy and has incredible tits. You guys at Brazzers ROCK! If you could do more camera shots from underneath with Jenna's tits hangin and swingin that would be awesome! Thanks.

Comment #2

9 1/2 out of 10! I have to take off for the stupid garter w/o stockings. She was actually pretty good here, I don't usually watch her stuff, nothing personal, but she doesn't interest me that much, then the boob job, killed me. This doctor adventures scene was one to watch though, right to the point, a little noisy at first, but she calmed down, when the reverse cowgirl started, and I began to enjoy this all the way, solid performance from the pair, and nice pop shot to the throat facial (did she actually swallow)!

Comment #3

Jenna so sexy love that fat ass of hers. Scene was alright kinda comical especially the ending. Loved how Jenna kept on suckin that dick after Scott came that shit was sexy as fuck. Cowgirl was superb as ever for Jenna, she rides that dick like she wants to break it. s

Comment #4

Jenna Presley is great. I actually didn't like the first scene I saw her in, but I've liked every one since. One of the best things about her is that challenging look she gets on her face... so hot! Keep her coming back!

Comment #5

I'm getting severely intrigued into Jenna Pressley. The looks she gives are just so menacing. She's that type of chick that pull you away from the family holidays and fuck you in the coat room. She was all about getting skull fucked. Great camera angle during that doggy as she got stuffed. So glad he passed out and got to see her put in some superb work in cowgirl. Nice tag team effort in reverse cowgirl. Nice finish to the scene as he pounded her sidewinder style. Damn I do believe she swallowed quite abit of cum. Snoogans!

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