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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Lynn washes patients cock then fucks it

Scene Title: Time for a Sponge Bath

Storyline: Danny ends up in the hospital after a snowboarding accident and wakes up to hot nurse Jessica Lynn checking up on him. Jessica is also there to remove his bandages and give him a sponge bath. Danny feels a little uncomfortable at first but Jessica knows exactly how to make her patients feel at ease.

Doctor: Jessica Lynn

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What people are saying about: Jessica Lynn - Time for a Sponge Bath doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Damn, I seem to be in the minority about the outfit. I like how her bombs were protruding out the entire time, but I hate the absurdity of it. I would like to see more realistic scrubs. The shoes, however were good because they were the most realistic part of her get up. Jessica is a cute girl, but I think she had on waaay too much makeup here, making her look even less real in a nurse's role. I too am suprised we haven't seen a spongebath scenario either. It was good though. This was some good sex too, cuz there were multiple positions that went on for a while. Solid scene doctor adventures overall.

Comment #2

Hearing some of the performers talk makes me wonder how they got into porn. It's not a knock on Jessica by any means. She sounds so shy and sweet. No way could I believe she is that good of an actress. I liked how she was busting out of that uni. Danny is a solid addition to the rotation too. I'm kinda surprised this scene hasn't been done. Then again it very well could have been in the early scenes. I hope the stocking lovers are liking what the scenes lately. The scene is always better when the male can actually perform. Always good to see some 69 action. Not a bad scene, Snoogans!

Comment #3

jessica and danny offer so much eye candy. when you pair a hot blonde with big tits with a hot stud with a long dick that delivers outstanding cumshots you have a very solid doctor adventures scene. the 69 was fantastic, cg, and rc were scorching. jessica i'm not blown away with your dick sucking and as hot as danny is you need to cleanup every drop of cum after the facial but as hot as you are it doesn't matter because you are a hot fuck. i don't know a guy out there that wouldn't want a sponge bath from you and it's nice to see jessica fucking someone the caliber of danny!!!

Comment #4

First off, having a snow board with no damage to it sitting up against the wall just looked stupid. You should have just left that out, since she said he was in a snow boarding accident, it really wasn't necessary. I remember a couple members that wanted more realistic uniforms in scenes, and most nurses wear shoes like she had on, so I don't see what all the whining about heels is all about. However, you had her in a fantasy-like costume, so you should have had her in a better and more realistic looking nurses outfit. The sex was pretty good, fucking Danny is one lucky mother fucker. First Tanya James (twice!) then Ahryan Astyn, and now Jessica Lynn! The sex could have been better, but it was still good. A good scenario, and it's good to see Jessica in another scene. Overall, it was a decent scene. 8/10. s

Comment #5

jessica you look damn hot with those tits hanging out while giviing danny a sponge bath. danny i miss ramon but i hope you are his replacement because youu have a long dick, deliver outstanding cumshots, and are damn good looking! jessica and danny are nice eye candy!!

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