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Doctor Adventures presents: Jodi Bean fucking her patients' friends big dick

Scene Title: Mr. Sensitive

Storyline: Player, Billy Glide has promised to help his friend to the hospital while she is going through labor. The Doctor, Jodi Bean is taken in by what a sensitive man Billy seems to be. When Billy hears Jodiís husband canceling another date, he realizes this is his perfect chance to fuck this doctor senseless!

Doctor: Jodi Bean

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What people are saying about: Jodi Bean - Mr. Sensitive doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

In all round terms of her looks and body, Jodi Bean has to be one of the fittest babes who has ever appeared in a Brazzers scene (and I agree with the previous reviewer: when a babe like this is performing for you, who gives a toss whether she's an Oscar class actress or not?) I don't know what she's doing now, but I think ther would be a bunch of very grateful guys if she came back and did some more scenes. This is a pretty good doctor adventures scene, and Billy puts in an above average performance. The sight of this delicately feminine babe trying to swallow his fat log of a cock is quite something.

Comment #2

I your on this site worried about bad acting you should just fuck off quietly into the night.. Jodi is a stunna and if her acting don't turn you on please feel free to go elsewhere for your pathetic spank attack. Jodi is amazingly hot in so many ways I couldn't possibly explain even 1 of them. GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #3

I'm still maintaining the whole doctor adventures scene would have been hotter if Billy was the bf or husband. This is my first look at Ms. Bean, and I'm really feeling her. There is something intangble about her that makes her very appealling to me. Her voice is really a turn-on. I agree yhe sex was best when she was on top. I didn't ming the mis-fired $$ shot - it's about time you guys have the loads end up somewhere else besides the face, even if it is on a table, lol

Comment #4

I've been want to see Jodi Bean on ZZ for awhile now. First saw her on the BangBus and knew she was a diamond in the rough. Then got a dose of her with Billy on NA. Funny how she was beggin him not to stop in both scenes. I hope she will be around for another scene. I think she needs the right stud to bring out her A game. What really pissed me of was the end. If Billy is too nice to land a monster facial in their eyes. Then aim for the boobs. I mean fuck that would have been an awesome load but ends up on the desk and shoulder. Snoogans!

Comment #5

OK, the dialog isn't so great, but the scene looks good. But here's my question to all of you out there. Can anyone point to a Brazzers video in which some babe actually deep throats Billy Glide? Is there a mouth big enough and a throat wide enough to handle that thing? s

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