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Doctor Adventures presents: Katja Kassin takes personal care of her patients big hard dick

Scene Title: Swollen balls

Storyline: Dr. Katja Kassin is treating a patient with a rare complication today. His testicles are swollen and they hurt so much he can barely walk!!! Dr. Kassin knows that this situation is the result of a lack of sexual activity so she gives her patient a special treatment that will ease his pain...

Doctor: Katja Kassin

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What people are saying about: Katja Kassin - Swollen balls doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

What a really good scene with Katja and Zane. Ok storyline, good contact between the two, hot sex and fine camerawork with great shots of Katjas big butt in motion. Top marks for this one.

Comment #2

How could you have not made this doctor adventures scene a threesome? This should have been a threesome. It's nice to see Katja getting her pussy fucked. I love anal, but I like scenes with both vaginal and anal intercourse in them. But since she always does anal scenes, it is a nice change. She did a pretty good job in this role. Don't care much for Zane, he usually annoys the hell outta me, but in this scene he didn't really bother me. 8/10

Comment #3

good scence every scence ive seen of hers has been anal nice to see her with a change...but the top story right now is my love audrey next week she looks to cute omg i cant wait for that vid

Comment #4

Shake shake your money maker like you was shaking for some paper! DAMN she was bouncing that ass off his cock. That wasn't a bad scene but it would have been nice if the other chick got some action too. Can't believe haven't read any complaints about not wearing her doctor coat. Where was the anal at? We all know she likes it in the ass. Snoogans! s

Comment #5

This is a terrific shoot, and Katja's attitude is first rate. She is fantastic! We were only disappointed that she didn't actually probe her patient's prostate. We both love anal play, and she should have slid a couple or three well-lubed fingers into him.

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