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Doctor Adventures presents: Kayla Carrera in Anything To Cut The Waiting Line episode

Scene Title: Anything To Cut The Waiting Line

Storyline: Kayla is rushing one of the person she is taking care of to the hospital because she forgot to give him his blood medicine and his body is shutting down. After being greeted pretty coldly at the hospital and waiting for too long. She decides to take matters into her own hands and goes straight to the source to try to jump up the waiting list. Mr. Dera is more than happy to be on the receiving hand, hands I should say with her magnificent tits.

Doctor: Kayla Carrera

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What people are saying about: Kayla Carrera - Anything To Cut The Waiting Line doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

meh... her tan is nice but she's too thin for those bolt on tits, and her face like a few others have said is kinda mannish, looks a bit like a tranny. what really pisses me off though is you have the much hotter receptionist girl at the beginning and you don't even tell us who she is. She is IN the video, so identify her in the credits too! you guys at Brazzers always have a terrible record when it comes to id'ing ALL the girls in each of the vids. The background or non-sex people are still there, so CREDIT them.

Comment #2

Very cool getting two different Kayla's one the same day. She doesn't have much ass at all but she looked damn good in those shorts with her long legs. I love Major Stud and he wears his boots cause he's the Chief Boot Knocker. No way in hell he should have been wearin his boots working in a hospital. Nice job with the bowl of head. Damn he was licking her pussy like a painter strokes a masterpiece. The mish wasn't all that but I liked the POV. The way she talked shit right before she was gonna ride got me excited. Of course he took over way too fast and she never got to show hardly any skills. The doggy was fucking great though. The best part about the reverse cowgirl wasn't just the action. It was how hot she looked with sweat between her cleavage. She did good with her ad-libs too. She mentioned him trying to get her clit to reflex. She ended it fucking great with the pleasure was all hers. Actually the pleasure was all ours for masturbating to some good fucking. Excellent debut from Kayla Carrera. Snoogans!

Comment #3

I enjoyed this doctor adventures scene and found Kayla to be attractive and enjoyable to watch! I also didn't mind that she had the longer erect nipples which is always attractive to see on a good looking gal :)

Comment #4

This started too slow, why wait 4+ hours before putting the bite on the doc...she is sultry hot, incredible skin, hair, lips, smile and face...and talented...she kept it wet between positions and sucked it after the money shot, probably got some help from Charles no doubt...only thing she did negative for me was the rookie wave buhbye at the end. We can use some more of her for sure!

Comment #5

hot as fuck....damn she fuckin beautiful and her moan is so nice....i dont like when priya rai screams or when old ass shyla cusses and shit. all i need is a soft moan like kaylas....def my top pornstar right now

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