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Doctor Adventures presents: Kayla Synz getting her asshole checked for ATS

Scene Title: Anal Tightness Syndrome

Storyline: Even though Kayla's boyfriend's dick is small it still hurt her to get it anal. She decided to go see Doctor Damage and jeez did he help her out. 20 minutes in, Kayla was enjoying having Damage's professional cock in her. I think she is ready for her boyfriends cock now, although the doc probably made too much room.

Doctor: Kayla Synz

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What people are saying about: Kayla Synz - Anal Tightness Syndrome doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

A great scene! both the prtagonists are excellent: Kayla Synz is very sexy, and acts the part of the naive, somewhat dumb innocent very well. Van Damage is a delightfully perverse doctor, taking sexual anal advantage of the poor damsal. The dialogue is witty, and adds to the tension as the doctor cleverly and carefully persuades Kayla to allow him to fuck her in her arse under the guise of medical practice. the sight of kayla on her knees on the couch with her beautiful butt in the air, as the doc probes and stretches her sphincter with his rubber gloved hands is perverse and arousing. The scene reminded me of the work of the German genius, Harry S Morgan, who is/was a master of highly erotic, highly perverse medical fantasy scenarioes. OK, so the doctor adventures scene didn't follow the standard porn scenario; no cock sucking and no external cum shot, but that made it fit the fantasy: it was all about fucking by stealth and chicanery. the doc fucks her cunt in order, as he explains, to relax her sphincter, which is true. and we can live without a cum shot just this once, can't we? I just enjoyed the thought of the doc's hot cum pumping into her arse. A great scene for pervs like me to enjoy. Thanks guys

Comment #2

It's too bad Kayla's cunt looks like strewn roast beef cuz everything else about her is amazing. Guys, you HAVE TO do more male dr/female patient scenes, but not with this guy; he tries to be like some super love-making man instead of pounding the broads like he should. Again, please more female patients, grazie

Comment #3

energy22 you are correct, she has been acting like a dingy bitch. robb20 please tell me you stopped watching before you puked or are you that stupid? It's the ugliest cock and ugliest pussy on Brazzers so I disagree with BUFFDADDYDX. The gloves didn't bother me as much her saying no, no, no, no, no. Snoogans! Brazzers since the overload of Joe Blow, Chris Strokes, and Zane, does that mean we aren't going to see Billy Glide or Johnny Sins anymore?

Comment #4

Kayla is a great performer. She has a fantastic body and I really like her personality. But, in her last couple of scenes, she's played extreme goofballs. That's okay once in a while. But, I hope she can go back to some straight fucking and sucking without all the wierd characterizations. That scene she did on BWB last May was one of the best anal scenes. I still come a load whenever I watch that. This "anal tightness syndrome" scene today really wasn't worthy of her talent.

Comment #5

Kayla is, as always, smokin' friggin' hot. Love MILF-types with short hair, and Kayla is the epitome of that look. And I'm not normally an anal-exclusive lover, but watching this gorgeous woman take a load straight in her asshole made me explode. Great, great update for me...

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