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Doctor Adventures presents: Miss Devine gets her asshole ripped by a huge meatstick

Scene Title: Pussy Pacifier

Storyline: Charles goes to the dentist for an emergency procedure, but is so stressed out that the laughing gas does not work to calm his nerves. Dr. Divine has to go the whole 9 yards to make sure that he is fully relaxed for her to start the operation. She will ride his cock so hard that he will soon be gone to sleepyland after a wild fuck.

Doctor: Kelly Divine

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What people are saying about: Kelly Divine - Pussy Pacifier doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

was very fucked up but hot at the same time shes very hot and when she was riding his cock that was hot but the camera needs to zoom out we like her ass but fuck dont just have it on her ass i wann see her legs her face her sexy shoes fuck .. best part is when he fucked her doggy ... i think at 26 min somewherea round there is perfect way u should shoot her ridding his dick in my opinion anyway i think u guys are stepping it up with the models having sexy heels new models its just getting better

Comment #2

I have a new add to my favorites. Kelly is fucking HOT! How did it took me this long to find her?!!?? And how come I never get a doctor like this-?!?!?!? As for her falling; I thought it only made the scene hotter. You could tell they were both really into it by the end. I expect this was a doctor adventures scene where the director lost control well before the end and then decided; "Fuck it. Their natural escalation here was hotter than anything I could have scripted anyway..."

Comment #3

Like the set, but didn't understand the setup. How is a hand/blowjob supposed to make someone go to sleep? Even tho it's been done before, you should have taken the "relax" angle instead. I def thought this was good. Kelly has that "fuck me" face that I find hot. I loved how Kelly just bent over the tray when Dera said he needed to fuck her. And the face fucking on the chair was nice too. Good scene overall

Comment #4

i fucking love kelly. i think she is fine as hell! i dont know why people are always shit bagging on her for her face. i think her face is fine and that ass more than makes up for any shortcoming she may have. fine as fuck, beautiful ass, great fuck. out/

Comment #5

Finally Kelly is in a scene that doesn't involve anal. I've liked her since her for awhile now. It appears she has got rid of the ass pimples. The story wasn't that bad. The action was an eye opener. Classic line: Is my insurance gonna cover this? She got skullfucked hard by the Major Stud. I was happy the camera got in a better position for that mish. As much as I love cowgirl, the doggy was the scene stealer. However she was on her pogo stick for that cowgirl and all the equipment was shaking. She's such a trooper for taking a fall and still coming up for that facial. She's a potential Phat Packer. Snoogans!

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