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Scene Title: Nurse In Training

Storyline: Young Nurse Kinzie recently got hired at a very busy clinic. This patient has been waiting to see the doctor for a very long time and is getting frustrated. The patient decided to take out his frustration on nurse Kinzie, and got her to do things to calm him down, and make his wait for the doctor worthwhile.

Doctor: Kinzie Kenner

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What people are saying about: Kinzie Kenner - Nurse In Training doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

she is so fucking hot please bring her back to brazzers

Comment #2

Anotherr missed opportunity. I know Kinzie can swallow. I've seen her do it.

Comment #3

mmm latex. i'd like to see more of that here. kinzie is hot, but this guy was a waste.

Comment #4

Kinzie' my new fav. I have gotten tired of american mainstream and gone over to GGG and such, but after seeing this "role play" with Kinzie...damn! Kinzie's scene in wetbutts is the best scene ever! (of course my opinion) I know...what's with the steroid muscle dick?! I have said this before, where the hell do they find these chumps? half of these guys cant fuck these chick hard...they're too hot! these guys ruin most scenes...PRODUCERS, FIND SOME REAL GUYS WHO CAN FUCK!!!

Comment #5

Kinzie is hot - but I agree I don't like that jerk!

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