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Doctor Adventures presents: Gorgeous babe Dr Kenner getting tight vagina screwed by patient

Scene Title: A Dying Mans Wish...

Storyline: Today is a grim day for Dr. Kenners' patient. She has to tell him that he is dying of lung cancer and fast! The poor just wishes he could have one last thrill and the good doctor obliges his last request. She deepthroats his cock and takes a pussy pounding before gulping down his load. Talk about going out with a bang!

Doctor: Kinzie Kenner

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What people are saying about: Kinzie Kenner - A Dying Mans Wish... doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

the cancer story is great, more stories like this, but better actors please because she ruined it with her bad acting for me. i couldnt get into the story, it wasnt believable. expression on her face wasnt right. and that dude talked too much, i dont like that, although his acting wasnt as bad. if it would be holly halston this would be much better.

Comment #2

I like Kinzie a lot, but in this scene the dude's nut sack is doing all the motion. Instead it should be her really nice big butt on the move which is a whole lot more sexy than the nut sack flapping.

Comment #3

while the show itself is hot, it's really killed by the whole cancer story. Really, don't do something like that again

Comment #4

Not bad Kinzie. The first Dr Ads in the smoking hot nurse outfit. I just dont think this guy really ful'fill'ed you. If you smell what Im cooking?

Comment #5

this is so hot

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