Kristine Madison from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Hot and busty physiotherapist takes advantage of patient

Scene Title: Stretching Technique

Storyline: After pulling a leg muscle, this guy went to see Dr. Madison and she showed him a couple of exercises that would do him good. Over their second appointment they review these exercises as the patient gets turn on by Dr. Madison's hot tight body. Surprised by the effect she has caused on her patient, Dr. Madison decides to give him a special treatment and show him the stretching technique that will do good to other muscles of his body.

Doctor: Kristine Madison

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What people are saying about: Kristine Madison - Stretching Technique doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Funny clip. Doc Madison was not bad looking, but had a flat booty! I like the way it ended. She didn't throw the guy out like some of the other Doctor's clips. She admitted her attraction and gave that pussy up. It tickled me when she calmly told the guy, she was looking forward to the next visit with cum all over her mouth, face and chest. His medical bill must be $5.00!!!

Comment #2

I really dig this girl ..older but wow what a milf. I like the whole strecthing scene....always one of my favorite fantasies. Good job guys.

Comment #3

Hot girl really femme too.

Comment #4

This model has a great body and reminds me of Austin Kincaid which tells you something.

Comment #5

You may think i'm crazy to say that, but this Kristine Madison got some beautiful eyes (you can see them only on the pics though ;) ) ...

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