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Doctor Adventures presents: Kylee Strutt fucking hard in her office

Scene Title: Deja Vu...

Storyline: Mark keeps waking up with cock pains and he doesn't remember how he hurt his pecker... When he finds Dr. Strutt's card on his bedside table, he gives her a call and she tells him he fucked the shit out of her the day before. He might be suffering from short term memory loss so a new visit is on the agenda...

Doctor: Kylee Strutt

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What people are saying about: Kylee Strutt - Deja Vu... doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Wasn't into this all that much. Don't get me wrong, she is one very, very good-looking girl, but similar to Priya Rai, her fucking noises are a little annoying. It's weird with her though because her fucking sounds are totally different from her speaking voice. I enjoyed her sucking dick with the lab coat and skirt pulled aside so we had a great look at her ass, as well as her riding cowgirl essentially fully-clothed. After that the noises got to me. But because of her looks and fucking ability, she needs to come back.

Comment #2

Love a girl with big fake tits and rock hard abs. Kylee's body is fantastic, it is almost impossible for a girl not to have any cellulite, Kylee does not have any whatsoever! Love the firm thighs and tight round booty also. She should never shoot a sex scene with any clothes on, her body is just that good, maybe even Playboy good.

Comment #3

Kylee is borderline fucking phenomenal ok!!! Her voice is intoxicating from the get go, but the problem is that the voice lacks sexuality and sensuality after the first 5 minutes. Kylee needs to use that beautiful voice and start talking dirty a little and use that attribute to her advantage because she has something that very FEW stars have in that voice coupled with that FUCKING STELLAR body! She has all the assets to rise to super stardom IMO if she plays her cards right. We have the next Bree Olsen her if she does it right. If not??? then she's just another Ricki Raxxx that is good for feature scenes and that's about it.

Comment #4

I've seen Mark few times over on NA. I've thought that he was a decent performer. Didn't realize his acting was this bad until now. Well since her debut for ZZ I wasn't sure about Miss Strutt. The results are in and she is the real deal. The story wasn't great by any means. Good thing she is really good at fucking. I definitely liked that move during the cowgirl. Mark was solid with his steady pump action for mish and doggy. Then she put it back on him with that reverse. She was all over the cock sucking when she got a chance. Nice camera work for this doctor adventures scene. Snoogans!

Comment #5

This doctor adventures scene was poorly setup, but who cares, she's looks good, and that little strip, did it for the kid! I didn't check out her first scene, but after seeing this, I will now! Her moan is really high pitch, :) completely different from when she's talking! What the hell was the cameraman thinking, using those angles, hurt the scene a little, her next scene should be on a bed. Bring her back with a better male performer, and better angles, that should do it.

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