Lichelle Marie from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Busty doctor follows her patient home and fucks his big hard cock

Scene Title: Dr. DoWrong

Storyline: Dr. Marie has a regular checkup today and seems to be very attracted to her male patient. She flirts with him a little but he doesn't seem to respond to her. Just when he thought the checkup was over Dr. Marie gives him a mysterious shot that she says will be good for him. Turns out the shot ended up being good for her...tune in and find out what transpired.

Doctor: Lichelle Marie

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What people are saying about: Lichelle Marie - Dr. DoWrong doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

lichelle you are the new hottest name in the business. please provide us with plenty of facials and cum swapping and you will always be a fan favorite!!! we love your threesome and foursome scenes and give us more scene pairings with audrey, shyla, eva, rachel, cramella kinzie, austin, brooke, cody, kate, savannah and katie. girl you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #2

Not sure why this chick changed the spelling of her name. She's still the same to me. I really love the concept of Dr Ad but, how can a chick this stunning wear that much clothing? I really can't believe how much she was into this guy. I think it helped him cause he was alittle limp at the start. It doesn't bother me they left the doctor office either. Some change isn't bad. Unlike SexPro damn near getting rid of the threesome. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Lachelle is the best thing to hit Brazzers in a long time. I hope you guys keep bringing her back. She needs to do a scene for Porn Stars Like It Big & Sex Pro Adv.

Comment #4

Ok, first off, I know this is off topic, but Brazzer's please make sure you can fast forward videos, I've had that problem as well with certain videos. On to Lichelle, this was one of her better scenes on this site so far, however I still feel her best was the BabyGotBoobs scene, even though I don't think that guy gave it to her as hard as she likes. This is probably her second best scene on this site, I didn't care for the script or the bedroom being used for a doctors adventures scene, but she played the role really good. I loved it when she would say shit like "Fuck your doctor's titties." This bitch is hot. But I'd try putting her with Johnny Sins or Billy Glide, maybe they'll know how to stuff her right. 9/10

Comment #5

She sure is hot, not my favourite of hers but to beat my favourite of hers would take some doing. She's deffo becoming one of my fav on here. Hopefully see more of her in the future. Good stuff, chow :P

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