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Doctor Adventures presents: Mariah Milano in Stress-Free Operation episode

Scene Title: Stress-Free Operation

Storyline: Dr.Milano has another patient prepped for a penis enlargement operation. Dr Milano has something on her mind and cannot operate with shaky hands so Billy offers her something that would calm her nerves. Billy's warhammer definitely broke down all of Dr. Milano's stress through her pussy.

Doctor: Mariah Milano

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What people are saying about: Mariah Milano - Stress-Free Operation doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Awesome, as all her scenes. That light brown skin and those perfect sized breasts, with a toned and conditioned body! Is there any better in the world of porn?

Comment #2

Totally awesome! For sheer heat generated in a straight, one-on -one scene, it's difficult to imagine how this doctor adventures scene could ever be bettered by anyone. I watched in total awe throughout. Mariah is just stunning, there's no other word for it, and the outfit she wore was damned near perfection. Billy was excellent too, and really worked Mariah's beautiful body like he really meant it. I liked the fact that they kissed deeply several times; this really adds to the heat and passion of a scene. The story was quite amusing too; the patient watching the action furtively from his bed adds a nice voyeuristic touch, but he is distant enough not to become intrusive. Porn is often derided as a second rate profession, but with many of the world's most beautiful women (and I definitely put Mariah Milano in that category) making it their career of choice, and sharing their gifts with many, many grateful people, attitudes will have to change. When a woman like Mariah Milano appears in a scene with excellent production values, like those of Brazzers, porn genuinely becomes something truly beautiful and worthy to all but the most blinkered. i apologise if I've laid it on a bit thick, but for me this scene was just fucking amazing. 10 out of 10 - excellent work, guys.

Comment #3

miss. mariah_milano i want to ty for such a fucking hot doctor adventures scene i love to watch you get fucked the way you use ya body and way you always keep ya high heels on drives me over the edge i love to watch you get fucked ya always give 1000 percent in every scene i love ya long hair and ya sexy eyes i love watching you bend over when ya look back and lick ya lips that so hope hell when you cum in this scene just watching and listen to you get me to cum so fucking hjard ya are great babe i ty for all that you do .please give me more.. of mariah_milano . thank you kiss and licks mariah_milano

Comment #4

Kind of a throwback ZZ setup, and they got into the sex too quickly, but damn does Mariah look good in that ensemble. I too was disappointed that she didn't come outta that bra. Her and Bill seemed to have some nice chemistry here. He didn't dip down to eat the pussy every 30 seconds like he normally does. She's great to watch on top and this scene overall turned out to be a scorcher. More Mariah plzz

Comment #5

I love Mariah's big fucking titties! She looks so fucking hot with that pink and black outfit with the gray skirt and stockings with the garters and pink fuck me pumps. HOT! I love her pretty smiling face giving head, shwing! I am so fucking hard right now just watching Mariah give a BJ is like an art form, maKes me want to cum! Even her hair looks great! Great camera work while Mariah gives head her tits are right in our faces! I loved her facial expression as Billy puts his big dick in her! Mariah, you're big fucking tits look great with constant erect nipples! Brazzers comedy when patient wakes up, I would definitely jerk off too! Billy finally delivers at least a spoonfull of cum. Great ending! 10!!!

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