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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Milano does not take no shit from no one but accepts a huge dick in return

Scene Title: A prick for a prick!

Storyline: Cheyne came into Dr. Milano's office for a routine flu shot. Now Cheyne really doesn't like needles so Dr. Milano had to put him at ease. We all know the best way to get relaxed is to fuck like wild animals and that is what they did. Cheyne felt at ease with his cock in the doctor's pussy and in her mouth. In the end he took it like a man

Doctor: Mariah Milano

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What people are saying about: Mariah Milano - A prick for a prick! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I'm sure the haters will come after me, but fuck it, I gotta say it. I don't like this chick. There's just something about her that makes her seem too "tom-boyish" for me to like. I think it's her face nad her voice. I don't think either is sexy. Her body, is thick, like I like, but I've seen better bodies than her's, so even that doesn't make me interested in her. She's just not my type I guess. As for the scenario, I thought it sucked.The flu shot doctor adventures scenario was good, but her attitude ruined the whole scene. I think you should have went the route where Cheyne is so scared of getting the shot, and everytime she tries to give it to him he moves away. So she fucks him to get him to relax and then gives him the shot at the end like she did in this scene. The whole husband/secretary twist was lame for a Doctor's Adventures scene. It didn't resemble a possible real-life situation. 5/10

Comment #2

mariah, you have the body and looks and a lot of girls would love to fuck cheyene and taste his sweet cum. take some notes, do something with the guys dick when he cums. rub his dick on your face, suck it, lick it, rub it on you tits, storke it, do something besides stair at it. that is the most disturbing thing to see in porn is a girl stairing at a dick at the end of a scene (after the cumshot) like they do not know what do with it (like it's the first time they have seen cum). you are a pornstar, perform like one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #3

mariah, you were beautiful before you got the fake tits, you are beautiful now. people on here are way too harsh. you look great, i guarantee you are way hotter than any chick that guys that comment on here have nailed. keep the dark hair, dont go with the big fake tits, be who you are, and keep looking hot. you look great, inside and out. ps, what is like being in the porn business? what is a 9 to 5 day like. I am a lawyer, my routine is shitty.

Comment #4

Nice to see Mariah up on here posting. I actually love her voice and the way she was talking to Cheynne in the beginning. However, she didn't look her best in this scene (maybe it was the lighting?). I too am disappointed we didn't get a chance to see more of her thick ass. Like MJ hates the coat, I hate the stethescope, I think the clothes should come off more in a natural progression, which would mean stethescope 1st, then the lab coat, etc. That bra was hot as hell, she should have kept in on a little longer. Cheynne fucked her good, so it turned out to be better than I expected...

Comment #5

Not a bad setup but the storylines just repeated over and over. I did like how she talked to him. That's how I sound when I'm pissed or having a shitty day. I really hate those fucking doctor coats. Mariah got all that sexy phat ass blocked by that damn coat. Major props to Cheyne, he fucked her brains out like she asked for. I cracked up laughing at him looking like a bobble head in mish. It's a damn shame the good shot of her ass was when she went and picked up the needle. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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