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Doctor Adventures presents: Maya Devine fucks her patients erected dick

Scene Title: Erectile dysfunction S

Storyline: Dr. Divine's patient is afraid of having some sort of erectile dysfunction. He says to be having problems getting an erection and that when it happens, it doesn't last long. Dr. Divine knows that the only way to find out is to get him very excited. Something that she knows how to do best...S

Doctor: Maya Devine

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What people are saying about: Maya Devine - Erectile dysfunction S doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Yes, one hot milf indeed! What a doctor adventures scene! A real erotic build up, as Dr Devine checks her patient very professionally about hs problem, which leads gradually and teasingly to a torrid fuck session. Maya shows really good acting ability and stays in character throughout the scene, and this really adds something. Great to see this fantastic lady has returned to Brazzers with a brand new, up-and-coming MGB scene with Scott and the gorgeous Tori Black. Now that should be worth seeing! S

Comment #2

Hey Brazzer, Great site, man. My only problem is that I can't save a lot of scenes to my PC. This scene is one of them. Some scenes will allow me to save to a zip format. That's ideal. But a lot of other scenes simply allow me to view only. If I download in mpg format, and click File, Save Page As..., I end up saving a shortcut icon but no movie. I sent an e-mail to Help-Support with no response. Can anyone else here be of help? S

Comment #3

Great doctor adventures scene. What an ass on this MILF. Keep her coming. How about putting her in a scene with either Ava Devine or Sexy Vanessa? Also, please try to bring back Ice and Victoria Allure if they're still around. S

Comment #4

Previously I didn't have much to say about Maya. I was so wrong. Maya played a very convincing doctor. Jack was just fucking for a paycheck but he ate pussy like a hostage. Maya was getting fucked for all of us and herself. Her paycheck was a bonus. She was a little obsessed with that stethoscope. Snoogans! Mental note: For all the jackholes stop complaining about the girls not wearing that fucking doctor clothes. She was fucking burning up with that shit on. Just remember they are fucking for our pleasure too. If you can find a better site than Brazzers, then fuck off. You'll be back though. S

Comment #5

Maya's fuckin hot man, her pussy is so damn tight. And to all future females playing the doctor role: Take notes on how Maya set it up in the beginning, the scene couldn't have been more realistic at the start...and good to have Jack back again instead of some of these other tools who belong in the shed.

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