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Doctor Adventures presents: McKenzie Lee in The Sweet Cumafter episode

Scene Title: The Sweet Cumafter

Storyline: Keiran wants his sperm to taste magical, so his lady friend will finally swallow his load. He heads over to see Dr. Lee and find a solution to his problem. She recommends a certain diet for him, but she needs to see for herself if it works.

Doctor: McKenzie Lee

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What people are saying about: McKenzie Lee - The Sweet Cumafter doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

o snap, great idea for the next scene! dress her up like rhona mitra in underworld and have a little porn version thing! i only say that casue she reminds me of her(rhona mitra) please! it'll be the best scene ever,just make sure to include titty fuckin with a lot of pov and u can have the idea for free..;0)

Comment #2

no hair please! in response to a coment prier, i dont know y that crazy fella would say something crazy like that.... but as for the scene: i like this dirty brit, shes fuckin hot, just wish u knew how to bouce her tits on some cock...yeah her one tooth is a little buck but hey shes britsh, what can u expect.... she completly makes up for it with the rest of her smokin body! give me more scenes now!

Comment #3

Look how educational DA is. They let you know what things make cum bitter and sweet. This would be my first look at McKenzie and she didn't impress me at all. Yeah she had a few moments when she was enjoying herself but not near enough. Where was the enthusiasm at? Besides having a really hot tummy and somewhat looking like Jenna Presley, she didn't offer much more. Her power squat seemed as if she was trying to get off the ride. The reverse cowgirl was Keiran helping out pretty much. She did do some grinding when it appeared that she could see herself. I think Keiran even wanted this to end sooner than later. She did take a good facial though. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Don't get it fucked up! Carmella, Phoenix, and Shyla are totally excluded from this statement, but, "Why the fuck do you white boys trip over shaven pussies?" Give me a hairy pussy and I will "pl,ow" that shit like Moses @ the Red Sea!!! Believe that. I have a 1 year contract with Brazzers and I can't wait until it's due. BUSH!!! people! The thing that real women have. ALL SHAVEN PUSSIES LOOK THE SAME AND IT'S BORING AS FUCK! Where is the hairy pussy site Brazzers?

Comment #5

Yeah.....they are related...McKenzie is Keiran's is for the new site "Veteran Pornstars like Freudian Fixations". An insurmountable level of intellect pervades these boards.....Miss Snoogans..please save us all from this riff-raff!

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