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Doctor Adventures presents: Melissa Lauren fucks a patient to appreciate French Culture

Scene Title: French Medicine

Storyline: They say France has one of the best health care systems, and we have proof!!! Dr. Melissa Lauren sure knows how to treat her patients, especially if you suffer from stomach aches! She instantly found what was wrong with KJ and gave him his prescription: cocksucking with a bit of pussy licking to top it off with a fuck session. Problem solved!

Doctor: Melissa Lauren

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What people are saying about: Melissa Lauren - French Medicine doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This was such a letdown, and it has nothing to do with Melissa, cuz she is gorgeous, and her accent is such a turn-on. The story line was whack, there was zero chemistry and the sex was lame cuz it had to do with the newly-shaven-head Brett Michaels and his lack of pounding. But keep booking Melissa, she's a stunner.

Comment #2

Melissa Lauren is just incredibly hot right now. Not sure why, but the last 2 scenes with her have been the past I've seen of her. Beautiful all around woman, and I have to complain about her bra being on in the rev. CG. Show off those great tits instead. Plus the camera person was terrible. How can a first class site like brazzers have such awuful amateur camera work? Overall the scene was OK...please put Melissa with Keiran Lee or Ramon. They will fuck her with pace and tempo. Melissa, you are hotter than ever...keep it up!:)

Comment #3

kj after watching a molten hot melissa and kerian scene last time, you had a tough act to follow up. the inensity/tempo of this scene never got going for me and kj is definitely no kerian. melissa should have lost her bra while in rc (it's ok to keep on for a while but lose it in the positions that showcase her body) and she provided zero p2m between positions. kj buddy you are going to have to bring the heat in your next scene if you are going to make it in this industry. a few positives though, melissa you are looking hotter as you get older and you have looked impressive here lately (especially in your kerian performance). kj you don't have a big dick but that was one damn hot cumshot. it would have took alec "two shot" knight three scenes to cum as much as you did in one. thanks for the couple of strokes at the end melissa after the cumshot but would have liked to have seen you a little more agressive. ok scene brazzers but needed more intensity!!! more of melissa please!!

Comment #4

This doctor adventures scene was slightly below average. These two did not have chemistry together, and the scenario was pretty stupid. Melissa is decent looking, and I don't think KJ did that bad of a job for his first scene. He has to fuck them rougher. Don't care about his cock size or looks, as long as he fucks them good. He had a better moneyshot than most of the guys you have used. These cumshots are fucking lame. It's the same ending in every scene. Do something fucking different for a change. More creampies and swallowing. Overall, this wasn't the best scene for either of these two. She should have had her bra off in reverse cow girl. Just a disappointing scene overall, I was expecting a better scene. 4/10.

Comment #5

I will say it now and get it out of the way. Send KJ back to where you got him. Yeah he has a lot of cum in his scrotum and that's it. He has a small dick and too cock strong. Glad that Melissa took off that damn coat. Not sure why she kept her bra on for so long. She has a great body but the camera missed it all when she stood up. The sex was below average and it wasn't on the doc. Snoogans!

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