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Doctor Adventures presents: Titted doctor slams a hard cock in her office

Scene Title: Releasing Tension

Storyline: Dr.Monroe is totally fed up with her colleague Dr.Lee. His incompetence and sloppy work just add unnecessary work to already busy day for Dr.Monroe. She absolutely loses it on him to point where she was nearly popped a vessel! She needed some release and fast!A cigarette is out of the question being in a hospital, so she grabs Dr.Lee and demands that he fuck her and fuck her well! This is the one time that Dr.Monroe was actually very pleased with Dr.Lee's performance.

Doctor: Memphis Monroe

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What people are saying about: Memphis Monroe - Releasing Tension doctoradventures episode

Comment #1 going to all her scenes and making comments today! Woo hoo! Welcome back memphis!!! Cant wait to see your next 4-6 scenes that you said u will be doing! Hope you can come back whenever you can and shoot! You were missed, 6months was a long time babe....

Comment #2

You teased us with those amazingly cute shorts and didn't show Memphis' ass while she was still wearing them. Bring her back in the same outfit, minus the white coat, and have her kneel to blow some lucky guy while she's still wearing those shorts... and take nice pictures of her ass while she's doing this.

Comment #3

Memphis looked much hotter in this doctor adventures scene. I didn't notice as many moles as I saw in the first scene, maybe she had some removed or just covered them up with makeup. She's always been a hot as chick, but if she removed the moles, she's be even hotter. The scenario started out good, until she said he has to fuck her because the papers weren't filled out correctly. It made no fuckin sense and then the scenario began to suck. She was rockin those glasses. I think she should have been the dominant one in the scene. If/when Keiran said anything she should have told him to shut up and fuck or any other bitchy remark she could come up with. It would have been much hotter if she were in control of the whole scene. She seemed to give up control once she said he had to fuck her for incorrectly filling out the papers. 8/10

Comment #4

Well, its official, I have found someone to replace Carmella as my NEW favorite #1 model on this site! This woman is unreal and smokin hot! PLUS, in addition to having a slamming body, she did an excellent job acting at the beginning. She did decent work with the dialogue in the beginning of the scene. I LOVED her facial expressions when she was talking to that stupid english doctor. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep filling Brazzers with more Memphis and I'll never stop being a member.

Comment #5

So this was suggested by a member huh? Couldn't she have called him cause she had heard that he was sleeping with staff and patients? Anyhoo Memphis looked good as fuck in those shorts. The pussy eating was hot how she had a leg up and he was underneath. Damn she was rockin them stilettos. The sex was steamy and I know she was hurtin for certain on that She flinches alot during facials. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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