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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Monroe taking the wrong flu shot and fucking her patient

Scene Title: Flu Shot Gone Bad

Storyline: Dr. Monroe is used to seeing grown men cringe at the thought of getting their prostate exam. But she is not impressed when a healthy grown man like Mr.Pierce, is afraid to get his flu shot. He refuses to get his shot during the check up and forces Dr. Monroe to take necessary action. She grabs the large flu shot needle, and sticks it into the cheek of her own ass. Her aggressive attitude backfires though as she has taken the wrong shot and injected herself with Libido. The toxins cause her to be sexually aggressive with Derrick as she takes his large needle of a cock for a ride.

Doctor: Memphis Monroe

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What people are saying about: Memphis Monroe - Flu Shot Gone Bad doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Lovely stuff! From the moment Memphis scoops out those magnificent mammaries, you know you are in safe hands, so to speak. She's so pretty, and when those lovely blue eyes are looking up into the camera as she sucks cock...(sigh).Contrary to what others have said, I liked the set; its really felt like a real hospital, especially when the camera pulls back and we are looking in on Memphis and Derrick through the wire reinforced window in the door - a nice fly on the wall documentary touch. Also, no complaints about Derrick. He seems to do a good job of keeping the demanding Memphis happy here, and he really takes full advantage of those awesome tits - plenty of nice groping and sucking. Memphis looks great in her outfit, and I like the way she keeps her clothes on throughout. There was also some very nice 69, so all in all, a pretty great doctor adventures scene, really. It kept me happy, anyway.

Comment #2

Normally you get small dick comments and you just know the guys saying it to feel better about his own inadequacies.. but i can safely say i'm bigger than him LOL, in the cumshot he just looked pathetic. Obv its not the deciding factor for me before someone tries to flame me, but lets face it the scene never really got going then BAM it cuts to the cumshot.

Comment #3

the quality of the pornographic film really stood out to me. the way the woman in this film stroked the mans penis was tremendously done with skill, and much practice. if i could recieve a piece of ass such as this i would most likely jizz inside my pants long before the lady would come near my crotch region. i would like to give this flick two thumbs up.

Comment #4

I hope you guys have more doctor adventures scenes with this set, one of the best on ZZ. The story would have worked better if she would have gotten the wrong shot from a nurse who wasn't paying attention before going in to see him, kinda dumb how she's like "oh excuse me while I stick a needle in my ass" haha. But when she took them tits out, I almost lost my mind. Memphis put on some lbs, but I like how she kept the outfit on. Talk about puttin on some weight, DP was sportin a little gut there, huh? He still fucked her good, and her dirt-talk thru the whole scene always raises it a notch. I just didn't like all the close-up during the cowgirl. Still ill tho.

Comment #5

Was that Mr Fame with the shakes in the wheelchair? Damn we got a double dip of Kory on his birthday. So glad you guys got another scene out of this hospital. It really makes the scenes more realistic. Derrick has added some ink and some weight too. Another damn good story to go along with hot sex. Memphis shooting herself with libido actually turned her into a really good porn actress. She pulled her boobs out and that look on Derrick's face was priceless. I can't think of one part that wasn't hot. She talked mad shit from the cunnilingus to the cumshot. She spanked her boobs and ass. I'm so impressed with what I saw from her. Still picking up jaw. Snoogans!

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