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Scene Title: I want a second opinion..

Storyline: The biggest faux pas for a doctor is misdiagnosing a patient because the results can be detrimental. Dr. Mikayla told her patient he had a STD. When the distraught patient insisted there must be a mistake as he only has one partner she suggested he may have a promiscuous girlfriend as the lab results are seldomly incorrect. Subsequently he and his girlfriend have since seperated after he accused her of cheating and more importantly it turns out he doesn't have a STD as he found out after being retested. Dr. Mikayla now facing a malpractice suit and damaged reputation is forced to make up for her huge mistake. In the end this doctor more than paid back for all damage done.

Doctor: Mikayla

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great doctor adventures scene

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W.....O.....W!!!!!!!! Sweet mother of Mary! Darlin' You are the hottest thing alive.

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