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Doctor Adventures presents: Mz Berlin fucks her patients bad auras off his cock

Scene Title: Stick To Regular Medicine

Storyline: Mark's taking his friend's advice to go see Witch Doctor Berlin to cure his erectile problems. At first he's kinda skeptic but when she pulls his dick out and starts suckin' on it, he starts believing in a cure. The thing is this cure might provoke irreversible side effects...

Doctor: Mz Berlin

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What people are saying about: Mz Berlin - Stick To Regular Medicine doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Nice change of pace for a doctor adventures scene. Mz Berlin is a freak, and it's great, you can see her dominant personality here. She can sure suck a dick too, wow. Awesome flexibility and positions. I thought the pile driver went on for too long, but this was hotness. Get her back please.

Comment #2

Doctoradventures with no lab coat? lol I love the way you give head Mz Berlin, WOW! I could not wait for those big tits to come out! I think you could cure any man's erection problem, no need for Viagra! We need to see you in a MILF scene even though you are probably too young for that I would love to see you in a dominant MILF role! I love your dirty talk! You bend like Gumby! Funny ending!

Comment #3

I knew this chick needed her own scene. Too much of a rebel control freak to share the spotlight with any chick and I love it. I love how she talked shit to him. I even enjoy the few positions she threw in there we normally don't see. Never a fan of mish but in the chair was too sweet how he was rocking those boobs. I don't like it when I see alot of editing done. Just makes it look like the scene didn't go smooth or they had no chemistry. Her being a witch doctor was perfect fit for her. I thought the camera work for doggy wasn't good at all. I like her though. She's just a change of pace. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Okay so I don't say this often but 10/10 doctor adventures scene here...the flexbility shown here was so fucking hot during the blow job...this chick is fucking gorgeous, she's a red head and the tats are amazing. Brazzers shoot this girl AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!

Comment #5

I think Mz Berlin could be a future favourite of mine but in saying that, I'm normally a massive fan of Brazzers for their trailers. But for me this trailer doesn't cut it & i just hope it's the trailer not the entire scene which seems a half arsed effort. So for that Mark isn't the only person whose skeptic!

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